1. Weekly Article 06/30/2022 – ADV RUSSIA

    Hockey great Wayne Gretzky always said that his greatness in hockey was from going to where the puck would be- not where it was at that moment. I believe that investors, particularly at a time like this, should consider the same strategy today. It is pretty obvious to anyone paying attention that th…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 06/23/2022 – ADV The Debt Remains

    I have written many times about how in 2003-2007 all asset classes rose together and in 2008 they all fell together-HARD. I also noted that we appear to be in the same situation today as all asset classes seem to be moving mostly in the same direction. The only notable exceptions this year seem to b…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 06/17/2022 – ADV TINA?

    TINA (There is no alternative). This was the mantra for over a decade as many people were throwing caution to the wind and speculating that the “market” would continue up pretty much forever. Recently, TINA has a new meaning. It starts in Europe where they are getting a HARD lesson that in regar…Read More

  4. ADV Oil & Gas Quick Note

    Many people are aware that on the first day of our new president’s reign he shut down the Keystone pipeline and has made many more questionable moves since then. While the president is a large part of the problem this is a condition that has been fomenting for quite some time. We, in this country,…Read More

  5. Weekly Article 06/10/2022 – ADV They Did It!

    Many years ago, I was writing about how the hedge funds had been underperforming. I made the comment that I didn’t think that all of a sudden, these guys forgot how to “invest”. What I hypothesized at the time is that these guys were never all that sharp to start with but were able to make tra…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 06/03/2022 – ADV Hidden Depression

    For many years I have been writing about the idea that we have been in a depression since 2008- at least. Many laugh it off and point to the rising stock markets and low bond yields (high bond prices) as proof that I must be out of my mind. Does it appear to anyone that the stock market has absolute…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 05/26/2022 – ADV Inflation, Deflation… or BOTH?

    So … Will we have a rerun of the great depression or are we re-living the inflationary nightmare of the 70s? I have heard arguments on both sides and I am led to believe that we are likely to have the worst of both worlds where many assets see their value DEFLATING while many others will continue …Read More

  8. Weekly Article 05/12/2022 – ADV Deflation … or Inflation?

    Many people are understandably concerned about the recent rout in stock and bond “markets”. Many have said to me that their best asset class has been cash recently. I agree that cash has been better than most stocks and bonds but, as I write this, gold is still up 5% YTD and I believe will have …Read More

  9. Weekly Article 05/05/2022 – ADV Food For Thought

    A question that I have to ask is one that everyone should at least consider at this time. It is exceedingly important to have an answer as a 40-year bull market in bonds appears to be coming to its end. Virtually all prices are derived from bonds (cost of money) in our debt-based system. Many people…Read More