1. ADV Fake News- You bet!

    Update 02-14-2019 This  is a dig at those who think my articles may seem a little “off” because I report what I see and not what I make things up to be. Case in point: All we heard throughout the holiday season is that it was record-setting. That was based upon credit card debt being added. Bac…Read More

  2. ADV Bank Trouble?

    Weekly Article 02-12-2019 I just noticed that today marks the 20-year anniversary of Japan lowering its interest rates to 0%. In the last 20 years savers in Japan have not been able to earn any decent interest on savings and even though the Bank of Japan has “printed up” over a 100 TRILLION yen,…Read More

  3. Recovery? ADV

    Weekly Article 02-07-2019 Hmm… the markets continue to recover from the December swoon and I can’t decide what the major reason might be. It may be that the major slowdown in China’s economy is the reason. It may be the collapsing exports coming out of Korea or the 50% collapse in the Baltic D…Read More

  4. Dollar Daze ADV

    Update 01-31-2019 After the non-event of the Fed meeting yesterday we learned a few things. #1 The economy is doing well according to the Fed even though all of the economic reports are far from convincing me of that. I guess the economy is SO strong that the Fed had to start reducing expectations a…Read More

  5. ADV Gold and Silver

    Weekly Article 01-30-2019 Many of you know that I have an affinity towards gold and silver mainly because it is no one else’s liability and I don’t have to rely on a promise to get repaid. “Gold is money- all else is debt” JP Morgan. Recently, gold has finally caught a bid that may or may no…Read More

  6. ADV How are we paying for free stuff?

    Weekly Article 01-24-2019 Many people seem to be shocked by the absolute disregard that many politicians seem to have for debts, deficits and insane amounts of spending. Of course, it appears to me- and has for decades- that those politicians who promise the most freebies get the most votes. I don…Read More

  7. ADV Dead Cat Bounce?

    Update 01-17-2019 Many people are wondering if this latest bounce in stock markets is a dead cat bounce or if it is the start of another leg higher in the markets overall. While no one can be 100% sure of anything, mainly because of the central banks interference in the markets and their apparent di…Read More

  8. ADV “NEWS”?

    Weekly Article 01-16-2019 Many years ago I stopped watching virtually all “news” shows. It started out by me wanting to see what happened in the world over night as I was waking up, and what implications there may be to my investments in the day ahead. It was many years ago that I started to not…Read More

  9. ADV Times ARE Changing

    Update 01-10-2019 I have been told by some that a lot of my notes seem “off”. Of course, when I dig into real numbers they are going to give a different picture than is being painted day after day on the financial game shows. Why is it that many think I am the one disseminating information that …Read More