1. Weekly Article 11/22/2022 – ADV Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! To me, this is the greatest holiday. It allows us to look back at the past year and appreciate all that has happened. Most times I think about the good times that we had and the upcoming holiday season that most are anticipating. While I will still likely celebrate in the same wa…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 11/17/2022 – ADV Questions

    It is extremely obvious to anyone paying attention that the “markets” are truly devoid of any price discovery. The imbalances, in my opinion, are so great that the approaching reset is likely to be unlike anything we have ever seen before. Because of this, we can throw most historical references…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 11/09/2022 – ADV German Pivot?

      I wrote many years ago that if we saw Germany pivot to the East towards Moscow and Beijing that it would likely be the end of US dominance in the world and would also likely be the end of the US dollar’s dominance in finance. For anyone who thinks this is not a big deal I have big news. It …Read More

  4. Weekly Article 11/03/2022 – Adv Bullish or Bearish?

    Bullish or Bearish? I really believe that being bullish or bearish on the overall “markets” could be dangerous at this time. I say that mainly because there is so much uncertainty out there and, in addition, I believe that things have been kept fairly tame because of the upcoming elections. Thos…Read More

  5. Weekly Article 10/27/2022 – ADV mBridge

    Project mBridge. Ever heard of it? I didn’t think so. While most of the country is busy worrying about mid-term elections and the latest shenanigans of their favorite celebrities, the events that are most likely to impact their lives are being hidden in plain sight. As I watch all of the major med…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 10/21/2022 – ADV Reality

      According to our president- and many others to be fair- our economy is “strong as hell”. I guess when you are in a position where rising prices and jobs being destroyed are everyone else’s problem you could actually believe that. As the dollar continues to crater in real terms (inflatio…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 10/14/2022 – ADV Prepare NOW

    It appears that what I have been writing about for the past 10 years as being inevitable is now starting to manifest itself right before our eyes. You may remember me writing that “once you go down the money “printing” path there is no way back”. The reasons are many but the main reason for …Read More

  8. Weekly Article 10/06/2022 – ADV More Illusions

    As I look at what is happening in the economy I can only come up with one word that describes it all- surreal. I see Fed Presidents and “experts” doing their best to keep people uninformed- or misinformed about the true state of our economy. Fed Presidents coming out and saying central banks are…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 09/29/2022 – ADV Read This!

    I have been writing for months about how I believe that the world is moving away from the fantasy of fiat money and moving towards a system that is based on hard assets. I have mentioned about the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and the BRICS countries actively moving in this direction. To me, it …Read More

  10. Weekly Article 09/22/2022 – ADV Warnings

    Dire warnings are pouring in from all over the place. The UN is warning of increasing global conflicts and rising poverty globally. The Department of Agriculture is warning about disappointing corn yields and the global farming community is being hammered by floods, droughts, and government interfer…Read More