1. ADV Volatility Sending A Message

    Weekly Article 12-12-2018 There has been some mysterious action in the stock markets for quite some time now but the recent action that is taking place is off the charts. Just yesterday (12-11-2018) it appeared that the S&P 500 was about to fall substantially when all of a sudden out of nowhere …Read More

  2. ADV The World Is Changing

    Weekly Article 12-05-2018 It has been a wild week for just 2 days of trading so far. It appeared that we may be in line for a rally on Monday morning in the stock markets. In looking back, it appears to me that there was a short-covering rally because many believed the news of at least a temporary t…Read More

  3. Fake Markets? ADV

    Weekly Article 11-30-2018 I have written many times that I consider the stock and bond markets to be “fake” because there is no real price discovery (a willing buyer and a willing seller determining a fair price for the risk being taken) but instead massive money creation by the world’s centra…Read More

  4. ADV Signs in the Headlines

    Weekly Article 11-20-2018 As I am writing this there are many who are hypothecating that Thanksgiving week is usually a week in which the major stock markets rise historically. As of Monday that looks in jeopardy. I think I may have been on target last week when I mentioned that this market action a…Read More

  5. Managed Implosion? ADV

    Weekly Article 11-15-2018 Last week I made a point that 89% of all global assets had a negative return in US dollar terms in 2018. As far as I know this has not happened in the last 100 years. Part of the reason for this would be the strength of the US dollar and the weakness of the global economy. …Read More

  6. ADV Election Musings

    Weekly Article 11-07-2018 I wanted to wait until after the elections to write this. As it turns out it appears to me that the election was somewhat of a non-event. As I see it the President can still have a majority in the senate where Supreme Court Justices are appointed and he has enough support i…Read More

  7. ADV October Weakness

    Weekly Article 11-01-2018 There are many signs that the latest pullback in the US stock markets may not be the big pullback that I am expecting. I say that because someone or some entity is keeping the bond market in check and that is positive for stocks. In addition to that, many companies who were…Read More

  8. ADV Maybe it WAS as good as it gets

    Is our economy is as good as it was going to get? Mike Savage looks at stock numbers, home and auto sales, bank shares, and more. How will this affect our economy going forward? Read advice and opinions from a financial planner in Pocono Summit. Contact Mike with any questions regarding your own fin…Read More

  9. ADV Socialism?

    Mike Savage discusses the differences between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism in the world today. Are we on the border of becoming a fascist society? Read the advice and opinions of financial consultant Mike Savage. Call him today in Pocono Summit with any questions about your financial future.…Read More