1. Weekly Article 05/09/2024 – ADV GET REAL

    There are many examples of how DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) have led to our current state of being nothing more than a third world country. In the last few years many have put merit and competence aside and, instead have made decisions based upon sex, skin color, and beliefs the determining…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 05/02/2024 – ADV Important Info

    I had a conversation with my friend Andy Schectman the other night and we were discussing one of his many appearances on YouTube. Andy has been an industry leader in the precious metals space for years, but he has stated to me that “YouTube changed my life”. Just the day we spoke he must have do…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 04/25/2024 – ADV Cliff Is In Sight

    I believe that the news that I saw yesterday on MarketWatch is the clearest sign that I have ever seen that we are nearing the cliff that has been approaching for quite some time. Before I share this news, I want to make a few points. #1 Throughout history we have seen fiat currencies introduced and…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 04/18/2024 – ADV Important Questions

    I got a couple of interesting questions this week that I believe will make a few points that we should pay attention to. First of all, with regards to these questions the first thing that came to mind is the Warren Buffett quote “price is what you pay- value is what you get”. To me, this is one …Read More

  5. Weekly Article 04/10/2024 – ADV Collapsing Currencies

    As many people are aware, GOLD has been used as MONEY since biblical times. JP Morgan, as he was bailing out the entire United States Financial system, commented that “Gold is money- all else is credit”. As such, gold has been used as a measuring stick to show how well or how poorly fiat currenc…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 04/04/2024 – ADV Fantasy of Normalcy

    As everyone knows, I have been bullish on gold since about 2003. The main reason for my bullishness on gold and now on most other hard assets is that throughout history the same game plan has played out time after time. History has shown that not one currency has held its value over time. Obviously,…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 03/28/2024 – ADV Questions

    I’m sure that everyone saw the video of the destruction of the Francis Scott Key Bridge at a major port in Baltimore. My first thought -before more information came out- was that this is just great. We send BILLIONS- and probably TRILLIONS to other countries as our infrastructure crumbles. Congres…Read More

  8. Weekly Article 03/14/2024 – ADV Hope?

    HOPE. It appears to me that one of the greatest threats that we all have to our futures is the lack of HOPE that many are experiencing right now. Older people are losing hope because their incomes- which in the recent past were more than sufficient to cover their basic needs and even sock away a few…Read More

  9. Update 03/08/2024 – ADV Stunning Numbers

    While I often write about the BRICS and many other threats to the US dollar dominance in the world, I just saw some information that I believe shows a clear threat that would destroy our currency even if there were no threats from anywhere else. Just consider these few facts that were reported on Ze…Read More

  10. Weekly Article 03/07/2024 – ADV All-Time Highs!

    ANOTHER ALL-TIME HIGH! Let’s break out the champagne as Japan’s Nikkei 225 Index has hit a new all-time high last Thursday! I am sure those that look at the headlines must be thinking that Japan must be doing great! What many likely DON’T know is that this all-time high just eclipsed the previ…Read More