1. Update 09/19/2019

    Yesterday the Fed, as expected, lowered the Fed funds rate by .25%. In the following news conference Chairman Powell glossed over the issue that I wrote about yesterday- the liquidity problems that are causing the Fed to have to do repo operations to keep the financial plumbing that drives the econo…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 09/18/2019

    Maybe it’s just me but in looking at what I have been seeing here since the beginning of the week something appears to be massively wrong in the funding markets. So far, as of Tuesday the Fed has done $53 billion in repos. A repo is basically the Fed taking an illiquid asset of a financial institu…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 09/12/2019

    WHAT’S REAL? I had a meeting this week with two prospective clients and had a conversation that is getting more and more common. A few meetings have started with ”What do you think of the stock market?” I believe that this question is asked because they expect me to give a positive answer and …Read More

  4. Weekly Article 09/04/2019

    It appears to me that anyone caught by slow-moving hurricane Dorian will get what they deserve if the hurricane hits near them. While it is not exactly known where it will strike as I write this, many parts of the southeast have been adequately warned. The mainstream media has done a great job of ra…Read More

  5. Weekly Article 08/28/2019

    I always say “Watch what they do- not what they say. I have mentioned numerous times about central banks buying 571 tons of gold last year and that they are buying substantially more this year through June. By doing this, it appears to me to be a capitulation of sorts in that they know some seriou…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 08/22/2019

    In the unending blowing of the most epic financial market bubbles of all time, Germany may have just announced “peak crazy”. Overnight they issued 30-year bonds that had a NEGATIVE yield. With all of the financial shenanigans going on it is not even a surprise that they did it. The real surprise…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 08/14/2019

    It was 8 years ago that I wrote “once you go down this money “printing” path there is no way to stop. The most likely outcome is that the central banks will wind up owning everything- with the click of a mouse”. Today, though it has taken far longer than I had anticipated, it is obvious that…Read More

  8. Weekly Article 08/08/2019

    Wow! The action in the markets have been pretty dramatic in the past few days. Last week I wrote about the global slowdown and that I believe the Fed and other central banks see it and are trying to stay ahead of it. Today (August 7th) there is more news that shows that central banks are appearing t…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 07/31/2019

    The Fed is meeting as I write this and the anticipation is that they will reduce rates between .25 and .5%. Our President is pushing for a 1% rate decrease in the “greatest economy of all time”. My take is that the Fed realizes that without a lot more “free money” and asset purchases the sto…Read More

  10. Weekly Article 07/24/2019

    It is amazing that many people can watch the same mindless conversations day after day on the financial game shows and America’s propaganda networks. Day after day it is the same stuff. Borders, Trump tweets, trade wars, illegal immigration, markets bouncing around all over the place and “expert…Read More