1. ADV Capitalism?

    Weekly Article 03-13-2019 Capitalism will likely be blamed for our failed economy even though we have not had true capitalism for many decades. With true capitalism there would be the law of the jungle where the strong survive and the economy would get continually built up with new competition. This…Read More

  2. ADV Food For Thought

    Weekly Article 03-08-2019 As I am writing this on Friday morning the stock markets are continuing to be weak. Many are blaming it on the jobs “report” which in reality can be almost any number the authorities would like it to be with the birth/death rate model they have been using for as long as…Read More

  3. ADV Beware BBB?

    Weekly Article 03-06-2019 I have been saying for a while now that, since we saw what we saw in December in the stock markets around the world, it appears that my theory that once you start “printing” and buying assets the longer it goes on, the harder it is to stop, is confirmed. As a matter of …Read More

  4. ADV Gold more important than beating ISIS?

    Update 03-01-2019 I remember a few years ago as gold was going through an unusually weak period in terms of price, it was disclosed that our government had taken for “safe-keeping”, 40 tons of gold that was previously in Ukraine. Of course, this was necessary just in case the Russians were to co…Read More

  5. ADV “Other” Is the largest Treasury Buyer?

    Where Are We Going? There have been many times in the past when people would question the numbers coming out of China in regards to their growth rates, economic reports and statistics. In the past, I have seen many look at other metrics like energy usage, etc. to determine if growth forecasts and ot…Read More

  6. ADV Signs Everywhere

    Signs Are Everywhere … It appears to me that signs are everywhere that central banks are becoming more and more desperate in their attempts to keep stock, bond and real estate markets levitated. The numbers are truly astounding in new debt issued just in January 2019- led by China’s over $500 bi…Read More

  7. ADV Fake News- You bet!

    Update 02-14-2019 This  is a dig at those who think my articles may seem a little “off” because I report what I see and not what I make things up to be. Case in point: All we heard throughout the holiday season is that it was record-setting. That was based upon credit card debt being added. Bac…Read More

  8. ADV Bank Trouble?

    Weekly Article 02-12-2019 I just noticed that today marks the 20-year anniversary of Japan lowering its interest rates to 0%. In the last 20 years savers in Japan have not been able to earn any decent interest on savings and even though the Bank of Japan has “printed up” over a 100 TRILLION yen,…Read More

  9. Recovery? ADV

    Weekly Article 02-07-2019 Hmm… the markets continue to recover from the December swoon and I can’t decide what the major reason might be. It may be that the major slowdown in China’s economy is the reason. It may be the collapsing exports coming out of Korea or the 50% collapse in the Baltic D…Read More