1. Weekly Article 02/07/2024 – ADV Nothing Makes Sense

    I have had MANY people express the opinion that nothing economically makes sense. Join the club! We have an expanding war in the Middle East, wars throughout the world and central banks conjuring up massive amounts of “money” (DEBT) to fund it all. This sounds like a classic case of currency deb…Read More

  2. ADV They Lied!

    No Historical Precedent Earlier this week I wrote a note that used the phrase that I believe there is no historical precedent for what is coming our way in the near future. I see many “experts” out there giving opinions that we are more likely to see a 1929-style depression. I see others out the…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 01/31/2024 – ADV National Nightmare?

      A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about the Chinese plunge protection team that staved off- for a short period of time- a “market” collapse caused by rapidly falling prices of Chinese stocks. In it I mentioned that while they managed to prop the prices up it produced NO VALUE. I th…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 01/25/2024 – ADV CBDC Info

    I have been putting out chapters of a book that I wrote last year recently. I probably should have put this chapter out earlier than this because it lays out a lot of the reasons I, and many others, are concerned that the Central Bank Digital Currencies rollout may be coming very soon. Since this wa…Read More

  5. ADV Chapter Six – CRYPTO?

    I don’t think that a discussion on what may perform well-or not- would be complete without a short discussion on cryptocurrencies. It will be short because I am not any type of an expert in this area. When I am not well-versed in a certain area I try to do research and listen to those who do have …Read More

  6. ADV Chapter Five

    The last chapter discussed an inflationary outcome. In this chapter Let’s examine what may happen if there was a deflationary outcome. So far, I have only written about an inflationary outcome. I think it is important to look at what would happen in a DEFLATIONARY outcome and what assets would be …Read More

  7. ADV Chapter Four – Ideas to Confront Inflation

    Since, in my opinion, the evidence seems to suggest that an inflationary depression is more likely than a deflationary depression in our current circumstances I am going to go through some assets that I think would help us navigate through rapidly rising prices. I should say that I believe that this…Read More

  8. Weekly Article 01/11/2024 – ADV New Pension Crisis?

    I remember an article that I wrote around 2009 when I described a pension plan (Chicago Transit Authority) that had a large funding deficit. To close the budget gap the fund borrowed assets at 6% and the idea was to earn 8% and keep their funding current with the proceeds. This took place in 2007. I…Read More

  9. ADV Chapter Three – Dollar Demise?

    While my opinion is that we are going down the path to becoming the next Venezuela, Argentina, Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany, there is no guarantee that this is the way it will play out here. I believe that this is most likely but when you have a third party calling the shots (Fed and other central ban…Read More

  10. ADV Chapter Two

    In my next installment I want to give my reasons for writing this and a brief overview of where things stand now. As I re-read what I wrote last year all of the major points remain the same- only some numbers may have changed. Hopefully, this installment will give you a better insight as to some of …Read More