1. ADV Prepare in silence

    Weekly Article 10-10-2018 Last week I had a bit of a rant about how our economic condition and how our standard of living has deteriorated over the past 40 years or so. I also said that this week I would attempt to put forth a few ideas about how some planning may help us prepare for the next chapte…Read More

  2. ADV Memory Lane

    Do you remember the days when a home could be purchased for $5,000? Or a car that could be bought for $80? How did we get from that point to today, where homes, cars, education, and more cost a fortune? Read more from Mike Savage, a financial consultant in Pocono Summit. Weekly Article 10-03-2018 I …Read More

  3. ADV Europe’s Special Purpose Vehicle

    This weeks article, from retirement planner Mike Savage, discusses a “Special Purpose Vehicle” that Europe has announced. What does this mean for the U.S. economy? Read more and contact us today for a consultation. Weekly Article 09-26-2018 A few weeks ago I wrote about Heiko Maas, Germany’s f…Read More

  4. ADV No Morals- No reality!

    Are our leaders trying to deceive us into believing the economy is better than it really is? Mike Savage, financial consultant in Pocono Summit, gives us his opinion on the value of gold, silver, and crypto currencies, and how stock, bond, and real estate markets are being propped up. Get in touch t…Read More

  5. 10 Years ADV

    In this weekly article, Mike Savage talks about the 10-year mark of the collapse of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns. Did we really learn our lesson? Get financial advice and guidance from a professional retirement planner in Pocono Summit. Weekly Article 09-12-2018 As we near the 10-year mark of Le…Read More

  6. ADV Thanks Central banks!

    Is the U.S. really as wealthy as it looks? We “print” money, but what effects does this have on the overall  economy? Read more from Pocono Summit’s financial consultant. Get in touch to learn all about retirement planning, annuities, and more. Weekly Article 09-06-2018 I have written in the …Read More

  7. Economic Illusion

    Weekly Article 08-28-2018 Is the economy really as good as people think? In this weekly article, we’ll take a look at debt and how this is affecting the economy. If you have questions about how to handle your own credit card debt, student loans, or vehicle debt, get in touch with a financial plann…Read More

  8. 2007 Again? ADV

    WeeklkyArticle08222018 10 years since the housing market crash and we may still be facing economic problems in this area. Are we going to recognize the signs and make a change or are we going through the same motions? Keep reading to get a financial consultant’s thoughts on the matter. Get in touc…Read More

  9. Adv Hack on ATMs?

    Weekly Article 08-15-2018 Will we be facing a currency problem in the US? Countries around the world are stocking up on gold, so what does this mean? Learn more from the financial consultant at Savage Financial. Mike Savage has your best interest at heart. Call us today for a consultation. As I woke…Read More

  10. ADV – A trillion in share buybacks 2018

    The news today is that share buybacks could exceed a trillion dollars this year. Get Mike Savage’s opinion on Tesla’s Elon Musk and more in this weekly article. If you’re looking for financial advice, get in touch with a financial consultant in Pocono Summit. Weekly Article 08-08-2018 I wrote …Read More