1. Time Will Tell

    Update 06-21-2018 As I watch the financial game shows it seems obvious that they are trying to explain the market’s recent struggles with the “Trade Wars” narrative. While this may have some bearing on what is going on does it seem strange to anyone else that the markets here in the USA and in…Read More

  2. “Printing” battles

    Weekly Article 06-19-2018 In a statement that hit me like a ton of bricks someone said “The trading machines know the price of everything and the value of nothing”. As Warren Buffett says “Price is what you pay, value is what you get”.  Mr. Buffett also says “when the tide goes out you fi…Read More

  3. All is well?

    Weekly Article 06-14-2018 So far, this has been a pretty historic week. I believe that the meeting in Singapore was a solid step forward to reduce tensions not only in Asia but indeed around the globe.  Hopefully, those that are more interested in peace and quality of life will gain more power and …Read More

  4. Don’t Fight the Last War

    Weekly Article 06-06-2018 I often like to watch shows that depict the battles of World War Two. When I was younger I used to think it was interesting to watch the strategies used by the opposing armies as well as supply routes being set up and the outcomes based upon better (or worse) planning. Thes…Read More

  5. Paper Promises

    Update 06-01-2018 Sometimes information hits me that I have to write about because it hits me so hard that I don’t want to forget my thought. I have written many times about the all-time record debt globally and have mentioned the number $220 trillion in global debt. (Bloomberg) I know that that i…Read More

  6. The charade continues

    Weekly Article 05-30-2018 As many of you may know I often view this article as a counterweight to the 24/7 “all is well! Time to buy!” propaganda that is foisted upon the public ad nauseum. I remember Josef Goebbels (Hitler’s propaganda minister) said- tell a lie over and over and eventually i…Read More

  7. Inflation is too low?

    Weekly Article 05-24-2018 I am away at the Raymond James National Conference in Washington DC this week so this will just be a short note to share a few ideas. It appears to me that, as everyone was so concerned about the 10-year treasury yield breaching 3%, it appears to have been a non-event … s…Read More

  8. Illinois

    Update 05-16-2018 I have many fond memories of growing up in a little town in Illinois. Our town had a phenomenal pool that most of the town could fit in and baseball fields that were the envy of the area. Our local high school football team played in a beautiful, semi-pro stadium. I remember walkin…Read More

  9. “Money”

    Weekly Article 05-15-2018 I spend a lot of time researching investments and trying to explain why a certain asset is either worthy of our interest in owning that asset or not. It occurred to me that while I often write about stocks, bonds, real estate, oil, gas, gold and silver, etc. the real reason…Read More

  10. Financial Media=Baghdad Bob

    Weekly Article 05-09-2018 In an interesting interview on USA Watchdog  Nomi Prins, a best-selling financial author, stated that, since the financial crisis began central bank’s balance sheets have ballooned to over $21 TRILLION dollars globally. To me, this means that a huge amount of money from …Read More