1. Weekly Article 03/26/2021 – ADV Stunning

    Earlier this week I wrote an article that highlights just how manipulated the metals markets actually are. Of course, you could make this point about ALL “markets” its just that most other markets are being artificially held up rather than being held down. I have many people who are frustrated b…Read More

  2. ADV Important Chart

    Possibly the most important chart that nobody seems to talk about is right here. This chart comes from Kitco.com and shows the prices of 5 precious metals. Four of these metals – gold, silver, platinum and palladium are all traded on a paper exchange which allows the powers that be to suppress the…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 03/18/2021 – ADV Manias Come and Go But …

    Ridiculous! I can’t think of another word that is more appropriate to explain our entire financial system right now. I could use words like fake, fraudulent, illusory but ridiculous kind of sums it up. While many are feasting on their $1400.00 stimulus checks pretty much everyone is blissfully una…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 03/11/2021 – ADV What IF?

    I have a lot of discussions with people about different asset classes. One of the most interesting to me is real estate. It has been long known that truly wealthy families have passed on generational wealth with gold, art and real estate. The defining characteristic of each is that they are REAL. Th…Read More

  5. Weekly Article 03/03/2021 – ADV Warning Rather Than An All Clear?

    Everybody laughed when I was writing for the last 10 years that the banks were manipulating the prices of everything- particularly manipulating the price of gold and silver lower to protect the US dollar and government bonds. If there was actually a canary in the coalmine (gold rising uncontrollably…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 02/25/2021 – ADV The Die is Cast

    Inflate or die. Print or collapse. Say it anyway you would like but the die is cast. It is obvious that any pause in the “printing and buying” schemes would result in a massive repricing of all assets. Without central bank support the yields on all bonds would likely go through the roof as the m…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 02/18/2021 – ADV ILLUSION

    Illusion. A thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses. I believe that everything being portrayed by the mainstream media and their masters is nothing but an illusion of gargantuan proportions. I am basically talking about EVERYTHING. This is one of the main reas…Read More

  8. Weekly Article 02/12/2021 – ADV Groundhog Day

    It seems like it should be last week to me. Not because I was traveling on business all week last week but because groundhog day was last week. Thursday morning is here again and we see that almost 800,000 of our brothers and sisters have filed first-time unemployment claims last week. Even more dis…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 02/05/2021 – ADV Price or Value?

    As I watch the Fed and other central banks manipulating just about every price imaginable- with the help of their buddies at the major banks (actual owners of the Fed) and their hedge fund buddies, I have noticed a drastic change. The change I have noticed is that it seems that most, if not all, cen…Read More

  10. Weekly Article 01/28/2021 – ADV Thoughts On The Minimum Wage

    Since I was a little boy, I always considered that those with wealth were the ones with all of the money. Today, I have a much different idea of who is truly wealthy. I got my first taste that “money” is not wealth when I watched from afar as Zimbabwe imploded and fell into hyperinflation. It wa…Read More