1. Weekly Article 04/22/2020

    There is certainly more than enough to write about this week! The problem I am having right now is figuring out which major news is the most important. Is it the 10-year yield nearing ½ %? Is it oil futures trading at MINUS $40.00 on Monday and between $8.00-$10.00 per barrel through June on Tuesda…Read More

  2. Currency Unit or Wealth?

    I watched a great video last night by Mike Maloney. In it, he explained what I have been saying for years but in a way that was right to the point and easy to understand. I have said many times that as the central banks conjure up money from nowhere it creates NOTHING. No food, no energy- NOTHING. W…Read More

  3. What Is The Truth?

    We are bombarded day by day about how great the economy was before the virus even though I have been reporting the government’s own numbers which have been terrible for over 18 months and were falling hard long before February 2020. We are being told that our major banks are “well capitalized”…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 04/08/2020

    Let me first say that I have empathy for those that have had the Coronavirus and that I am sure that many are suffering not only from the disease but from watching loved ones suffer and die or being holed up in their homes with no real idea of when the authorities will allow life to go on. I followe…Read More

  5. Things To Ponder …

    IF we had “the greatest economy of all time” as was beaten into us for the last 3 years do you really think that the economy would have collapsed as it did in the past few weeks? If $12 Trillion in global stimulus in a week can’t lead to rising markets- what is the number that will? Is there a…Read More

  6. Update 04/02/2020

    Another day and another rollercoaster in the US stock “markets”. The market has one job- determine fair value with each and every trade. Since the central banks have become the buyers and lenders of last resort the “markets”, which have not been really free for decades are far more manipulat…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 03/31/2020

    I remember writing an article called “dichotomy” a few years ago. The word means “a division or contrast between two things that are- or are represented as- being opposed or entirely different. It has become glaringly obvious in the past couple of weeks that not only did we NOT have the greate…Read More

  8. Update 03/26/2020

    As I am watching the financial game shows today I am seeing headlines that “Wall Street Shakes Off Record Jobless Claims”. How much more misleading could a headline be? There are actually no markets anymore at all. If there were, the “markets” would have crashed long ago and this unemploymen…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 03/24/2020

    I have written many times that we have likely been in a depression (forget recession) since 2008 and possibly since the year 2000. My thesis has been that with all of the “printing and buying” schemes by central banks, banks and hedge funds, this has masked the underlying weakness in the economy…Read More

  10. Update 03/19/2020

    As I am watching the world’s central banks flood the economy with more stimulus I am noticing that the same playbook from 2008 is being deployed. This time, however, will have to be exponentially bigger because the same situation (insolvency) exists as it did then but it will take a lot more to pr…Read More