1. Tax Tips For Small Businesses

    The new year just started, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start thinking about tax season, especially if you’re a small business. If you’re ahead of your game and want to get a head start on your 2019 taxes, here are some things to keep in mind. If you need professional help to make…Read More

  2. ADV Maybe it WAS as good as it gets

    Is our economy is as good as it was going to get? Mike Savage looks at stock numbers, home and auto sales, bank shares, and more. How will this affect our economy going forward? Read advice and opinions from a financial planner in Pocono Summit. Contact Mike with any questions regarding your own fin…Read More

  3. ADV Socialism?

    Mike Savage discusses the differences between Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism in the world today. Are we on the border of becoming a fascist society? Read the advice and opinions of financial consultant Mike Savage. Call him today in Pocono Summit with any questions about your financial future.…Read More

  4. ADV “News”

    Are we being distracted by “news” such as Justice Kavanaugh while money is being created and there is a false demand? What are you doing with your finances and investments? Get advice and guidance from financial consultant Mike Savage in Pocono Summit. WeeklyArticle10172018 As I speak to many fr…Read More

  5. ADV Prepare in silence

    How can we prepare for the financial future? When properly prepared, some can make it out ahead in case a crash in stock and bond markets occurs. Read advice from Mike Savage, a financial consultant in Pocono Summit. Contact Mike today if you have any questions about your own financial future. Weekl…Read More

  6. ADV Memory Lane

    Do you remember the days when a home could be purchased for $5,000? Or a car that could be bought for $80? How did we get from that point to today, where homes, cars, education, and more cost a fortune? Read more from Mike Savage, a financial consultant in Pocono Summit. Weekly Article 10-03-2018 I …Read More

  7. ADV No Morals- No reality!

    Are our leaders trying to deceive us into believing the economy is better than it really is? Mike Savage, financial consultant in Pocono Summit, gives us his opinion on the value of gold, silver, and crypto currencies, and how stock, bond, and real estate markets are being propped up. Get in touch t…Read More