Misinformation- according to dictionary.com is “false information that is spread, regardless of the intent to mislead”. Disinformation, according to the same source is “false information, as about a country’s military strength or plans, disseminated by a government or intelligence agency in a hostile act of tactical political subversion. It is also used more generally to mean “deliberately MISLEADING or BIASED information, manipulated narrative or facts; Propaganda.

It is pretty obvious to me that those who are trying to stop the spread of MISINFORMATION- which has come to mean ANYTHING that doesn’t match the DISINFORMATION (or propaganda of those “in charge”) is meant to keep most people from knowing the truth or even having the ability to figure it out without spending a lot of time doing so.

I believe that is why those “in charge” have taken over the “news” outlets with project mockingbird and other means and have the outlets all spewing out the same stories, narratives and even using the same words to convey a certain meaning. 24/7 manipulation of the nation’s minds.

By now it should be readily apparent that the US economy is in extremely poor shape. While the “experts” on the financial game shows and the mainstream media portray “all is well!” it is clear to anyone paying attention that we are in serious financial trouble.

We keep hearing about the “strong” economy and how we may avoid a recession. I wrote many times that we have been in a depression at least since 2008 and probably prior to that. Without the tens of trillions and hundreds of trillions of currency units being conjured up out of nowhere the rot in the system would have been exposed. Actually, by now we could have gone through a few rough years and could be on our way to recovery. Unfortunately for us all we have been set up for a FAR greater fall because of the response to the last crisis. The problem this time is EXPONENTIALLY larger.

The reason that this is important is that, in my opinion, our real problems are being cast aside and a load of stories that have no bearing on our well-being are being paraded out as “NEWS”. Even most news stories are filled with individual opinions rather than just facts.

The thing that gets me is that we are all in this together and those “in charge” are going out of their way to create division amongst US so that we are busy fighting each other and not looking at the real culprits that are ruining our way of life. It seems that anything they can use to divide is being talked about day after day.

The real problem that you and I actually face is that our country is bankrupt. WE are not just financially bankrupt but morally, spiritually, and mentally.

Many times, because I focus on financial matters, I talk about the $1 TRILLION in new debt that our “leaders” are piling on our backs every 100 days or so. I talk about the $540 BILLION that had to be conjured up out of nowhere to cover what tax receipts didn’t cover for Social Security and Medicare in 2023, I talk about how we are issuing more debt to pay our deficits, maturing bonds, and fight endless wars.

In the past when our population was educated and informed this would have been stopped long before we got to the point we are at right now. This is what tells me that most Americans- and most of the world for that matter have their focus on things that in the long run mean NOTHING.

What really matters?

How about house prices being the most UNAFFORDABLE of all time and homelessness skyrocketing?

How about monster increases in food prices? Those who disseminate the news say inflation is falling. No, it’s not! The rate of its rising has fallen but it is still rising, and we are likely in a bit of a lull before the next round which could be far worse than what we have already seen.

How about the safety and security of our families?

How about a justice system that treats everyone equally?

How about the American dream becoming a nightmare with debts, deficits and defaults skyrocketing across the board.

How about the $17.7 TRILLION that individuals are on the hook for?

How about the 1.34 TRILLION in credit card debt being carried with an average interest rate of 21%??? Only someone who HAS to carry that would. Defaults on credit cards and auto loans are flying higher.

How about the Fed chairman and many others warning about bank failures coming?

On any of these “NEWS OUTLETS” does anyone EVER ask any questions like:

Since we have to BORROW all this “money” for endless wars does it make sense to borrow it and see it blown up?

What would our infrastructure here in the USA look like if we spent those TRILLIONS here rather than spending “money” on destroying other countries and the rebuilding them?

How will we ever pay back $35 TRILLION (admitted to) let alone the $200 TRILLION plus owed for unfunded liabilities that we are already conjuring up cash to cover shortfalls right now?

Where is all of the “off-budget” (war spending, etc.) going?

Why are we using a private corporation to issue our currency and allowing them to charge us interest on something that is nothing, but a liability owed back to them and has no intrinsic value?

Did anyone vote for these wars and the invasion of our borders and the funding of NGOs to relocate all of the millions of immigrants that are taking over our cities and transforming our culture?

No. They are all muzzled and are paid well to play the game. Just look at Glen Beck and Tucker Carlson. Both had the top ratings on cable TV and were fired for stepping on the wrong toes.

It is time to wake up. Our economy is being propped up by fake “money” and asset prices are so far removed from actual VALUE that when the next correction comes it will likely be one that is talked about for a century.

Personally, I believe in owning hard assets because they are ASSETS and not someone else’s promise to repay me. I look at numbers all day long and those numbers tell me that a WHOLE lot of promises are likely to be broken when those “in charge” decide to pull the plug or their “printing” of worthless chits revert to their actual VALUE- which is virtually NOTHING and inflation destroys all of our plans.

Without a plan you will likely be a victim and at the mercy of the “government”.

I truly hope that is not you!
Be Prepared!

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