There are many examples of how DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) have led to our current state of being nothing more than a third world country. In the last few years many have put merit and competence aside and, instead have made decisions based upon sex, skin color, and beliefs the determining factor for hiring people. We can now easily see that competence is the most important ingredient to get whatever job we need done to be done correctly.

Whether you are flying in a plane, getting an operation, or simply looking for advice should you care about a person’s ethnicity or anything other than- can I trust this person to carry out what I am in need of?

One of the most stunning examples to me was the video of the lead “economist” for the current administration. In it he was asked to explain why the government “prints money” and pays interest on it. I would hope that someone in this position could answer that question but what followed was one of the most bizarre answers I have ever heard. It was obvious that he either didn’t know what he was talking about or didn’t want to let the cat out of the bag.

Now, this person may be far smarter than I am BUT if he is he certainly didn’t show it in the interview that I saw.  In it he kept hemming and hawing about “The government definitely prints money”. That is a blatantly FALSE statement. If the government did, indeed print money we wouldn’t be paying INTEREST on it. Of course, a man in his position may know that the real government (the people calling all the shots) is the central bank. When you are running up a trillion dollars of new debt every 3 months or so on top of an already unpayable pile of debt there would be no government if the “printing” came to a halt.

The Federal Reserve conjures up the cash out of nowhere and charges us interest. They have been doing this in exponentially larger amounts year after year and now we are at a point where we are borrowing to even keep up with interest payments and the retirement of maturing bonds. Call it what you like but the correct term is that the Fed is monetizing the debt. This is tremendously inflationary and one of the main reasons I don’t believe that interest rates will be going down in any meaningful manner.

Now, since this person is in a position of authority many will believe whatever he says most of the time. In this example there really is no question that there was no knowledge or that he was told not to talk about it.

In another example I saw a report on Fox Business where an “expert” was commiserating with a person who took a video at his bank where they would not give the person the cash that he was requesting. The “expert” said “That was his money!” Really? If the “expert” had bothered looking at he would have discovered that when you deposit “your” money in the bank you are an unsecured (last to be paid) creditor of the bank. What this means is that when you make the deposit to the bank the BANK is the owner of that money, and they owe a debt back to you in that amount. I believe this is the main reason to be concerned about nearly 900 banks being deemed to be in trouble. Some 350 or so are deemed by the FDIC to be in imminent danger. In addition, Fed chairman Powell has said “There will be bank failures but not the big banks”. More than likely the big boys are lining up to grab the assets of the smaller banks like a shark spotting a school of fish. This is rather obvious to me since many smaller banks are closing locations, but JP Morgan is opening hundreds of new branches and spiffing up older branches.

Instead of a bailout- like in 2008- we could see what has already happened many times in Europe- a Bail-In. In this scenario your loan that you gave to the bank (your deposit) is reduced and the bank’s assets and liabilities are magically aligned again.

According to an report from December 10, 2012, your deposits would then be converted to shares in the bank. See- they didn’t just steal it- it’s just a debt for equity swap. What is the problem with that? You can’t pay bills with shares of a bank. When people sell shares to pay living expenses the stock will likely collapse. If you find yourself in this situation, try to be the first one out the door. Even if you take a significant loss, it will likely be far less than if you wait for a rebound- that may never happen.

Is it any wonder that people are confused? Our so-called “experts” are out there and spreading propaganda rather than reporting facts. Everything is a sound byte, and the average attention span appears to be markedly lower than in the past.

It is unfortunate that we don’t get real news anymore- just opinions and propaganda to keep US divided as those “in charge” take control of most assets. These assets include news outlets and major internet companies so that you can only know “approved” material. Anything that disagrees with those “in charge” is deemed fake news whether it is true or not.

Figuring out the real truth has probably never been harder.

In the meantime, as our “money” is being systematically destroyed along with our culture we are kept amused with sports, entertainers and other things that won’t matter one bit in the grand scheme of things.

Just think of the diversions. Trump Trials, Wars, Transgender rights, etc. In the grand scheme of things how are these things affecting you? We should be talking about INFLATION, Ending Wars, Our Economy, Creating Jobs, Creativity, and things that we could do to make everyone’s life better.

At the end of the day, we have to realize that our government is broke, and they are having the Fed conjure up cash to pretend we are what we used to be. We have replaced production with printing. In EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE of this in history it has ended with not only the currency but also the culture collapsing. Look around- we are WELL on our way in both instances.

It takes people a long time to realize that paradigms have changed. Don’t worry about how many dollars you have- worry about the VALUE that you possess. Gold, silver, oil, hard assets, and the companies that produce them seem to me to be a good place to store value- certainly not in fiat currencies or debt based upon those fiat currencies.


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