1. 10 Years ADV

    Weekly Article 09-12-2018 As we near the 10-year mark of Lehman Brothers and Bear Stearns ceasing to exist and the start of the great monetary experiment of the last 10 years many of the participants are coming out of the woodwork to put their 2 cents in about where we have been and where we are now…Read More

  2. ADV Thanks Central banks!

    Weekly Article 09-06-2018 I have written in the past about how “printing” money gives the illusion of demand where none may exist and how it falsifies all prices by, instead of letting market forces determine prices, where a willing buyer and willing seller determine a fair price, someone who …Read More

  3. ADV – A trillion in share buybacks 2018

    Weekly Article 08-08-2018 I wrote a few weeks ago about the fact that most of the buying of US stocks was being done this year through stock buybacks. Just yesterday it was reported that for the first time ever share buybacks could exceed a trillion dollars this year. (A great reason why only a hand…Read More

  4. ADV Fed says economy “strong”

    Update 08-02-2018 As expected, the Fed left rates unchanged in yesterday’s meeting. You may have also heard that they described the economy as “strong”. I have said many times that this “strength” is an illusion based upon ever-increasing debt and the spending of that debt into the economy…Read More

  5. ADV Virtual Reality

    Weekly Article 07-31-2018 While there are many headlines to pay attention to in regards to problems in the economy and markets I have been thinking all weekend about what I believe to be the largest problem there is out there. It is a problem that rarely, if ever, gets mentioned outside of certain c…Read More

  6. Draghi and Zuck ADV

    Weekly Article 07-26-2018 The self-proclaimed “smartest man in the room” Mario Draghi says the end of European bond buying will be a nothing-burger. Of course, what else CAN he say? The idea is that interest rate increases are on hold until at least next year and the QE bond buying program will …Read More

  7. Part of the Plan? ADV

    Weekly Article 07-18-2018 The big news this week seems to be the Trump/Putin meeting in Finland. While many are making a big deal about Mr. Trump’s comments I have a bit of a different take on this. While the mainstream media is fixated on “Russian interference” in our election the big story, …Read More

  8. 8 Trillion in a quarter? ADV

    Weekly Article 07-12-2018 There are not many things that get my attention these days but a report out of the Institute of International Finance caught my eye. According to their July 2018 report global debt rose $8 trillion in the FIRST QUARTER of 2018 to an amount of $247 Trillion. That is an amoun…Read More

  9. Reducing balance sheet???

    Weekly Article 07-05-2018 I hope that everyone enjoyed a relaxing and fun 4th. of July. Today it is back to work- for some anyway- and I wanted to share a few ideas. I was listening to David McIlvaney this morning and in his audio he commented that the Venezuelan President just increased the wages o…Read More

  10. Please Read

    Update 06-28-2018 I wanted to write a short note to address the current pullback in gold and silver. It would be easy for me to point to the paper market manipulation that is apparent in the major sales that take place almost daily between 4AM and prior to the US market open at 8:30 EST. I have w…Read More