1. Weekly Article 08/12/2020

    I have spoken many times about our “markets” being nothing but an illusion and that all prices are fake. I believe I have made that point enough but there is another set of circumstances which, it appears to me, is skewing people’s view of reality also. As the government is setting up for anot…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 08/05/2020

    Many people have been surprised by the large gains in the precious metals sector recently. The only surprise to me is how long it has taken to play out. The question now seems to be “How far can this go?” It is anyone’s guess but I think it is safe to say that there will be major upswings and …Read More

  3. Weekly Article 07/29/2020

    It’s been a long time since I have written specifically about the gold and silver markets. Generally, I like to keep an eye on what is happening economically, politically, socially and geopolitically to try and determine what assets might perform better than others in the future. Many of my recent…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 07/23/2020

    It is with great sorrow that I am watching many of my favorite cities become shooting galleries and once beautiful places being turned into outdoor homeless shelters. I am also appalled at the destruction of beautiful properties, statues and architecture that remind us of our past. I saw somebody ac…Read More

  5. Weekly Article 07/17/2020

    Will they or won’t they? Will the congress and President cave and continue the massive stimulus that has, so far, headed off a total implosion of our economy? While I can’t answer that right now, I can say two things that I am very confident of. #1 If they fail to continue “extra” payments a…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 07/09/2020

    We are living in some strange times. Weeks ago, a report from Stanford University said that the death rate from the Covid- 19 virus was likely 50-85 times less than reported because of an abundance of unreported cases based upon their test results. Last week Penn State came out with their research s…Read More

  7. Weekly Article 07/01/2020

    While we are at the end of the first half of 2020 I thought it would be interesting to see how things are going in the “markets”. Of course, we are still in an economic coma where nearly 50% of all working age people do not have a job. (CNBC- employment-population ratio hit 52.8% in May.) The ec…Read More

  8. Weekly Article 06/24/2020

    One of these days we are likely to see the true state of the economy mirrored in the stock and bond markets. The only question is “WHEN?”. The reasons I believe we are getting very close are many. Let’s start with the fact that, according to the Wall Street Journal over 100 MILLION debt paymen…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 06/17/2020

    Week after week we are seeing the “markets” get more disconnected to the real economy. I have been beating the “manipulation of all markets” drum for over 10 years now. I believe that many who thought that I was crazy a few years ago are finally seeing that the markets are indeed being manag…Read More

  10. Weekly Article 06/09/2020

    The reason I write this article every week is to hopefully enlighten people to the real state of the economy. This is a LARGE departure from what you see on the financial game shows. In the two years building up to the latest collapse I was just reading economic reports put out by the authorities an…Read More