1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving! I just wanted to write this note to thank everyone for your support and trust during these trying times that we are all enduring in 2020. Many have focused on our loss of freedoms, loss of loved ones and loss of incomes, jobs, and hopes for the future. Hopefully, most of you who …Read More

  2. WeeklyArticle 11/19/2020 – ADV Back to Normal?

    Here we are heading into the holiday season 2020 and it sure feels different this year than in years past. The Covid-19 scare is one reason as more and more draconian measures are being taken in many states but this time it appears that the “help” of the federal government is not likely coming a…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 11/13/2020 – ADV Who Will Be President?

    As I somewhat expected, we are over a week past our national elections and we still appear to have no clear winner for the presidency or a clear majority for either side in the senate.  In the meantime, the “markets” have been rallying even though as I write this they are pulling back. There re…Read More

  4. Weekly Article 10/30/2020 – ADV Election Edition

    Another week- another 750,000+ first time unemployment claims. While this is a slight improvement over prior weeks it is still about 4x the average amount recorded prior to March of 2020. Many must be thinking “Super V- but not for me!” Mainstream media and the shills in the government can tout …Read More

  5. Weekly Article 10/22/2020 – ADV Are You Ready?

    I saw an article this week that opined that the economy would be recovering meaningfully because the stock market is doing well and that means that it is “telling us” that the economy is improving. It was basically trying to explain why the “market” is rising when the economy is tumbling. Th…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 10/08/2020 – ADV Greatest E CON omy

    I have written many times that with all of the money being conjured up out of nowhere- and with the US dollar being the unquestioned leader in the parade- that the US dollar is poised to lose a lot of value and likely its position as the world’s only reserve currency. Many others have been saying …Read More

  7. Weekly Article 10/01/2020 – ADV Super V!!?

    I didn’t watch one second of the debate on Tuesday night. I guess the main reason was that every time I listen to either side I know I am being lied to most of the time. From the reactions I am seeing on social media it appears that all I missed was what I expected- nothing. At the end of the day …Read More

  8. Weekly Article 09/23/2020 – ADV National Bankruptcy

    Has anyone sat down and wondered just why we keep hearing that our economy is improving but that we still need trillions more in stimulus? Has anyone sat down and looked at the actual numbers from the CDC that show Covid is nowhere near as deadly as presented and wondered why we shut our economy dow…Read More

  9. Weekly Article 09/18/2020 – ADV Are You Ready?

    Another Fed meeting has come and gone and basically nothing much has changed. The outcome, which I am sure was totally expected, is that interest rates will be held low for as long as possible and there is no amount of “money” that the Fed won’t create to buy assets and manage virtually all pr…Read More