1. Illinois

    Update 05-16-2018 I have many fond memories of growing up in a little town in Illinois. Our town had a phenomenal pool that most of the town could fit in and baseball fields that were the envy of the area. Our local high school football team played in a beautiful, semi-pro stadium. I remember walkin…Read More

  2. “Money”

    Weekly Article 05-15-2018 I spend a lot of time researching investments and trying to explain why a certain asset is either worthy of our interest in owning that asset or not. It occurred to me that while I often write about stocks, bonds, real estate, oil, gas, gold and silver, etc. the real reason…Read More

  3. Financial Media=Baghdad Bob

    Weekly Article 05-09-2018 In an interesting interview on USA Watchdog  Nomi Prins, a best-selling financial author, stated that, since the financial crisis began central bank’s balance sheets have ballooned to over $21 TRILLION dollars globally. To me, this means that a huge amount of money from …Read More

  4. Argentina- Latest Socialist Paradise?

    Update May-04-2018 It was only a few months ago that I wrote about an event that I though was totally absurd. Argentina, a country that has defaulted on their debt no fewer than 9 times in the past 200 years issued 100 year bonds and the bonds were bought up with plenty more demand than the supply t…Read More

  5. Signals?

    Weekly Article 05-02-2018 Many people will laugh when I say that they will give homes away. This seems an absurd statement when home prices are overall rising and all appears to be well. Of course, looks can be deceiving. There was an article on Zerohedge where many municipalities will pay people to…Read More

  6. IMF- says Bumpy Road Ahead

    Update 04-26-2018 Many times I write things like there is an everything bubble, asset prices are grossly overvalued and it appears that a major correction is just a matter of time. Of course, I’m just a simple financial advisor who happens to do a lot of macro research and I have been seeing these…Read More

  7. 3% 10 Year note

    Weekly Article 04-25-2018 The big news as I start to write this article is that the 10 year US Treasury note yield has hit 3% for the first time since 2014. While this may not be some line in the sand it may be a psychological barrier in my opinion, that many may take as a reason for a yield-curve i…Read More

  8. Sustainable?

    Update 04-19-2018 Most of the time when I watch the financial game shows I just have the video on and the sound off. I really can’t take the BS that is constantly being fed to the public to keep them blissfully unaware of our current circumstances. There are times, however, when I will turn up the…Read More

  9. When all else fails …

    Welcome to the 04-11-18 update from your Pocono Summit Certified Financial Planner and retirement planner, Mike Savage. Today, Mike discusses how printing of money and issues surrounding the generation of debt may have dire consequences.  Many of you may have not heard of Gerald Celente but he is k…Read More

  10. Headlines

    Welcome to the 04-05-2018 update from your Pocono Summit Certified Financial Planner and retirement planner, Mike Savage. Today, Mike discusses headlines from the financial world that might no have garnered much attention from the public, but are hugely important to the economic landscape. Headlines…Read More