Does it feel like the USA is falling apart in just about every way imaginable? Usually at this time of year I am looking forward to a new year and looking forward with anticipation of things getting better. This will be the third year in a row that I am looking forward to a new year not with anticipation but with trepidation.

The reasons for this are many.

Most people are aware that something is drastically wrong but are too busy trying to survive the inflation that is hurting everyone to be able to read and understand what the problems really are. For those who are in this position I will make a list of what I believe the major problems are.

#1 Conjuring up dollars in unlimited amounts.

By going down this path it virtually assures that our US dollar will, at some point, reach its intrinsic value of near ZERO. All of the conjured-up cash has allowed us to pretend that we are still the prosperous and solvent nation that we USED to be. The very act of “printing up money” with no collateral or labor to back it up will ultimately lead to a drastically lower VALUE and add to the inflation that we are all experiencing right now. Many might say that we have conjured up trillions and we have been ok so far. Keep that “so far” in mind. In many other historical cases (like Weimar Germany and others) the inflation was similar to what we are experiencing right now. Eventually, hyperinflation happened in a flash. You are warned.

#2 Issuing debt with no assets attached to ultimately retire the debt.

We are issuing debt to build a war machine and to sustain many of our population’s basic needs like food (SNAP benefits), housing (Section 8) Prescriptions, Healthcare, etc. It is one thing if you are issuing debt and have a productive asset to show for it. It is quite another when you are issuing debt to consume it. This is an illusion that will likely prove very costly to all of us as there are no assets to show for this new debt, but the debt remains- WITH INTEREST. This path is also leading to a cliff that will likely cause massive pain for all of us. I believe it is only a matter of a short time before everyone will recognize that our debt is spiraling out of control and there is no end in sight.

#3 I believe we have NO representation in Washington DC and very little anywhere else either.

It is amazing to me that we have billions and trillions of dollars for wars around the globe, but our infrastructure is crumbling, and our American citizens are suffering more than at any time I can remember. Homelessness, mental illnesses, violence, drug and alcohol abuse are all on the rise. These are sure signs of a civilization in decay. These same tragedies were taking place in the USSR just prior to their collapse in the early 1990s. Keep in mind that their mainstream media was telling them just how “GREAT” things were right up to the collapse of the entire economy. I guess the good news is that Russia survived and is still there. Hopefully, we can get through this and start over also.

Another major problem that we have is that, as we can’t take care of our veterans and others in need, there is plenty of cash for climate change, promoting World Economic Forum agendas around the world, etc. My opinion is that all of this is being done to undermine the USA and MANY right here in our own country appear to be in on it. Abraham Lincoln once said that the USA would not be brought down by outside enemies but from within.

#4 Our children are no longer being educated- just indoctrinated.

As we spend more money on education than almost anywhere else in the world you would assume that our students would be some of the best and brightest on the planet. That WAS true some time ago but somehow, we have become a society not focused on excellence and competition but on mediocrity for everyone. Feelings have replaced real life, and it appears to me that many (most) of these young people are not being prepared to compete in the real world- as we are just beginning to see. Personally, I would rather have children learn skills like reading, writing and math so they can compete in the real world. Instead, they are having their heads filled with BS that will likely get them nowhere.

#5 Because of the dollar losing so much of its value many places can’t provide basic services like adequate police presence, mental health facilities, homeless shelters, etc.

Keep in mind that most problems are first seen in those most vulnerable in society. Many, because it hasn’t affected them directly, look the other way until they are affected. At that time, it may be too late to stem the tide. It appears that we are near or at that point right now where these problems are so glaringly large that we can’t ignore them anymore. In California they can’t even host a foreign dignitary without a MASSIVE cleanup (that lasts only a few days and fools no one) of human feces, drug paraphernalia, etc.

#6 The mainstream media uses propaganda 24/7 to fool people about the actual state of affairs so many wonder why, if things are so good, why do they seem so bad. Basically, they massage the numbers to make them look good but the chasm between reality and the reported numbers is so great that anyone with a brain the size of a pea can see that the “numbers” are nothing but a fabrication and there is no relation to what people are seeing and living.  In addition, you have the Fed, other central banks, and major banks buying bonds, stocks and manipulating prices of most assets so there is no price discovery, and the economic imbalances are off the charts. All “prices” you see are FAKE. It is only a matter of time before reality bites.

While we are all trying to get by those “in charge” have been planning for this for a while. Why are central banks buying record amounts of gold? Because they know where this is headed. Virtually all countries are “Printing” their currencies to oblivion. If they stop the game is up and there would likely be MAJOR defaults as “promises to repay” become of little, if any VALUE. In this case gold- being a hard asset and with no counterparty (promise to repay) risk would likely see its VALUE skyrocket. On the other hand, if they keep “printing and buying” they may save the bond and stock “markets”, but they will destroy the currency along the way. In this case gold and other hard assets would likely rise more than many can imagine at this time.

My take is that they realize, as I do, that at the end of the day there is not enough collateral to back up those “promises to repay” and the likely way out- as has happened throughout history- will be to back a new currency with a hard asset like gold. I believe many of the central banks realize the most likely path is a revaluation of gold- MUCH HIGHER- to retire the debts that have become so large that they cannot be paid off without conjuring up hundreds of trillions of currency units which are units of DEBT themselves. See the problem?

As I always say- Watch what they DO- not what they SAY. They want metals prices low right now because they are buying it all.

Be Prepared!

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