Many people who know me are likely aware that I am a pretty spiritual person. I spend plenty of time working on my spiritual side as well as on the things that need to get done in life. The only reason I bring this up is that, in studying things that are more spiritual in nature gives you a different perspective than when you are looking at circumstances from just the physical world view. I believe that the more in touch you are with your spiritual side the more likely you are to be happy and content. It seems that no matter how much many have physically it is never enough. This seems to lead to a constant state of striving and not arriving.

In looking at things from a different perspective and in studying the Bible, other spiritual people like Norman Vincent Peale, Wayne Dyer, and others I have come to the conclusion that, while we all likely worship the same entity, there are many different paths to that worship and what happens to be “right” for me may not be what helps someone else in the same way.

One of the most important things that I have come across is that when we sin it takes away our ability to discern what is right and wrong. This is extremely important. When the devil gets your ear, it is VERY easy to be deceived. You can go back to the biblical story of Adam and Eve where they had everything that they could ever want right there in the Garden. There was only one proviso- do not eat the fruit of the tree of life. They were warned that if they ever ate the fruit of that tree they would surely die. As the story goes, one day a serpent tricked the woman into eating the fruit of that tree by saying that God does not want you to eat that fruit because then you will become like Gods and know all. He also said that you will surely not die.

After eating the fruit and sharing it with her husband they did indeed notice they were naked and also saw that, indeed, they did not die. The devil appeared to be right.

Shortly after, God realized what had happened when Adam and Eve were hiding because they were naked- which they would not have known if they hadn’t eaten the fruit. After doling out punishment on the serpent he passed judgement on humanity. No longer would the land just produce abundance. It would have to be toiled for. No longer would humanity be immortal, but mortality became the norm.

Just because they did not die immediately after their transgression obviously didn’t mean that it didn’t ultimately lead them to their demise.

I think that this is a story that is as relevant today as it ever was.

Those “in charge” have been feeding us the same type of lies like “deficits don’t matter”, we can just keep conjuring up “money” to infinity with no repercussions, and MANY more.  There are MANY who are convinced that the “printing” will allow permanent prosperity even though anyone who has studied history would know that every time that countries went down this path it ended in disaster not only for the currency which was destroyed but also for the society itself which gets destroyed along with the currency as people struggle to survive.

I believe it is also important to note that if we had not already lost our way those who are carrying out this deceit could never have gotten away with it. As it is, this has taken so long to play out that many are convinced that the deceivers are the ones who are right.

As it stands right now all of the numbers we see are manipulated to make things seem better than they actually are.

It appears that when the numbers tell a scary tale they either change the way the numbers are reported like a few years ago when R&D was not calculated for GDP but since GDP needed a boost, in 2013 , the Bureau of Economic Analysis started to include it in the numbers so the GDP would appear to rise- even though it was just an accounting gimmick. The same is true for the unemployment rate. As it got higher, they just added some adjustments to not count anyone who has been unemployed for more than a month leading to a VERY misleading unemployment rate. I think the best one though is that Dr. Mark Skidmore and a group of Phd candidates found up to $41 TRILLION spent between the department of defense and HUD but with no trail of where the “money” went. In this case, they called it a matter of national security and discussion of this has been banned in all places but some private podcasts like USA Watchdog and a few others.

I know that many companies have two sets of books and while keeping two sets of books may not be illegal, they have one for public consumption to levitate the stock price and enhance the C Suite bonuses and the one that the SEC sees with the threat of any misrepresentation leading to possible jail time.

I believe that our central bank also has two sets of books – that which we can see which is scary enough but also another one that I believe to be exponentially larger and far more dangerous to our national prosperity. Where could one “hide” $41 TRILLION? My guess is that they are funding wars and insurrections, but the big “money” is likely hiding in the derivative markets which are totally unregulated and could blow up any time. According to the USDEBTCLOCK.ORG there is currently over $629 TRIILION in just currency and credit derivatives. I have heard from many sources that the actual derivative market that Warren Buffett has called “financial weapons of mass destruction” could be north of 3 QUADRILLION dollars. A quadrillion is a number I didn’t even know existed until a few years ago. (King World News)

The major banks and central banks rigging of, it seems all prices, some up and some down- has grown exponentially as it must so they can keep getting the same impact that they want on the “markets”.

We are in a world where there appears to be UNLIMITED “money printing” but we have FINITE resources. At some point in the very near future I think we are going to see- likely in a lightning -fast manner what the real story is. What is the VALUE of a currency that can be conjured up out of nowhere with miniscule cost and creates NOTHING OF VALUE? Almost all currencies are fiat currencies at this time BUT at the end of August in South Africa many are believing that a new gold-backed currency will be announced. This will be at the BRICS meeting August 22-24. If it were only the BRICS it could cause concern but over 40 countries are expected to attend. They all appear to be interested in peace and trade rather than war and discord.

I am not expecting that this will be a moment that will shock the world, but I do believe it is the formal beginning of the end of US dollar dominance in the world. There are already many countries trading amongst themselves but this appears to be an official move away from US dominance.

Times are changing. I think this fall could be VERY interesting. Don’t be deceived …


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