In an earlier time- not that long ago- I used to look forward to watching the news and find out what was happening in the world. In the past 10 years or so, it has been becoming harder and harder to find the truth about what is actually happening in the world.

If you look at many media outlets- as I USED to do- you will notice that all the same stories are being told- and with the same verbiage- on just about all of the media outlets.

I believe that this is a result of “Project Mockingbird” which was instituted during the Obama administration where the government (whomever that may be- probably not the president or anyone else in congress) will determine which stories need to be covered.

It is also quite apparent to me that, as the internet started to be a competitor to the narratives that those “in charge” want out there, that massive efforts were put in place to make sure that information- true or not- would be suppressed. This is no longer a conspiracy theory but has been widely discussed.

As the masses are deceived with made up financial statistics, fake news stories and propaganda to keep the people divided it is not a shock that the country is divided. The so-called “competing” news shows are similar to republicans and democrats- basically on the same team but pretending to offer different points of view.

I can’t help but think that this elaborate scheme is meant to destroy the USA and keep as many people as possible in the dark until it’s too late. I believe that the “divide and conquer” method is in full force.

I also believe that the events taking place in our country right now are too stupid to be stupid, so the likelihood is that it is EVIL.

If I wrote this just 5 years ago people would think I was out of my mind but in that short period of time we have:

  • Allowed Millions of illegal immigrants into our country with virtually NO VETTING of their past lives or intentions as they enter the country. It has been reported that MANY of these immigrants are from places that are not friendly to us, and a majority are military aged men.  In addition, we are lavishing gifts on those that come here at the expense of those that helped build the country. The “MONEY”, cell phones, travel and accommodations add to our already unpayable debts that will likely NEVER be paid off. Even before any terrorist attacks (that the FBI is saying is only a question of when) there is a lot of resentment from citizens who see migrants being treated FAR better than our own population. I believe this is all planned also to bankrupt our cities and overwhelm our social networks (See Cloward-Piven). Keep in mind also that all of the goodies given out add to the inflation that we are already suffering from.
  • We have sent hundreds of billions of (BORROWED) dollars overseas to fund wars (many that we are funding BOTH sides). The new narrative is that this war spending is boosting our economy. It may be juicing the GDP numbers and leading to massive profits for our defense industry but in the end, we are spending “money” we don’t have and adding again to the inflation that is plaguing us. Don’t forget that this additional DEBT is what is adding to the already inflated (fake) GDP that counts DEBT as GROWTH- reporting it as the exact opposite of what it is- but it keeps the masses confused and guessing.
  • We are told that “all is GREAT!” while food spending, according to the Agriculture department, is at a 30-year high. This means that an inordinate amount of citizens’ incomes are going to buy FOOD at the expense of other purchases.  Steve Cahillane, CEO of Kellanova (giant snack food co.) says “If you look historically after periods of inflation, there’s really no period you could point to where prices go back down”. In English that means get used to higher prices that are here to stay. I will also add that I believe it is likely to get FAR worse very soon. This, even as the government has drained our strategic oil reserves to keep the price of oil contained- TEMPORARILY.
  • It appears to me that when you see the information put out by “experts” if you believe the exact opposite, you are more likely to be closer to being correct. Remember that the vaccines were safe, the inflation was temporary, transitory and then here to stay. The jobs numbers are “great!” as there are over 1 MILLION fewer full-time jobs now than at the end of 2023 with layoffs accelerating in most industries. Sounds great to me!???
  • We are seeing the results of picking people for top positions who have questionable credentials but happened to believe the right “stuff” or have the “right” backgrounds. We are a laughingstock around the world. Putin must be shaking in his boots when he sees an Admiral who never served a day and has a degree in child psychology- Gee I feel safer already!
  • We have a Treasury Secretary who was a former Fed Chairperson who NEVER sees any problems and it appears never sees anything that she doesn’t want to spend any amount on. There is no fiscal responsibility ANYWHERE in the government and very little anywhere else.  The Treasury has announced that it will borrow $750 BILLION in the next 3 months! At this rate it would be $3 TRILLION in deficit spending in 1 year. Ouch!
  • Law abiding citizens are looked at as the bad guys if they attempt to protect themselves as the real criminals are arrested, let go and go on to create more mayhem with more crime. No bail, low bail means high crime and high repeated crimes. Any place delusional to think this was a good idea is being overrun with crime right now. Even though this is not generally reported the actions of those who are creating this mayhem cannot be ignored and more and more “normal” people are waking up and holding some of the prosecutors accountable. It may be too little too late.
  • As we lead the world in SPENDING on “educating” our children our test scores in math and science show that we are letting an entire generation down. This is likely because our schools- which when I was growing up were in the business of EDUCATION have now become indoctrination camps. This is illustrated by seeing things that matter (reading, writing, science and math) becoming afterthoughts which is obvious when there are entire school districts that don’t have even 50% of students proficient in any of these areas but they can all put a condom on a banana. They are also WELL aware of global warming and all of the other agenda items. Instead of brain-exercising they are brainwashing. How is that going?

Anyone who reads this week after week must be wondering what this could possibly have to do with investments. Let me ask you this:

How can a house divided stand?

Where will the innovation come from to lead the world forward when there is no critical thinking allowed?
Where will the capital come from to form new businesses and ventures when most future spending will be on INTEREST and promised benefits going forward?

The Fed has to sell $10 TRILLION in treasuries in 2024. Can they do that and lower interest rates at the same time?

Is adding to our staggering $34 TRILLION debt and over $200 TRILLION in unfunded liabilities by sending weapons around the world of ANY benefit to anyone but the defense contractors?

Is there any reason why any other country should trust us since we use our currency as a weapon?

The dollar was great because the country was great. We had the rule of law-not anymore. We had a national comradery- not anymore. We had real production of goods and not just financial games being played so that PRICES remain high even if there is no corresponding VALUE.

We are obviously in a bad place. We obviously have no leadership that has any answers. I believe it is a matter of a VERY short time before we don’t recognize the country we grew up in. That is saying something since it is already mostly unrecognizable today.

Do you have ASSETS or LIABILITIES (Someone else’s promise to repay)?

Be Prepared!

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