I have been putting out chapters of a book that I wrote last year recently. I probably should have put this chapter out earlier than this because it lays out a lot of the reasons I, and many others, are concerned that the Central Bank Digital Currencies rollout may be coming very soon. Since this was written the FedNow program was rolled out in July 2023. This allows for instant liquidity for the banks that have signed on. Many believe that this is a precursor to a CBDC rollout.

In the meantime, it has come to light that there have been many projects that are WELL underway that have been testing the use of CBDCs and the ability for those CBDCs to interact with other CBDCs from other nations.

The IMF (International Monetary Fund) has issued UNICOIN which allows ALL CBDCs to interact with each other. To me, this appears to be a ONE WORLD CURRENCY disguised as a number of sovereign currencies.

Just a few of the CBDC pilot programs here in the USA are:

Project Hamilton 2020-2022 – a project between the Federal Reserve and MIT to explore the use of a RETAIL (used by the public in lieu of the US dollar) to make payments, deposits and investments. In a whitepaper it was noted that the transactions were done safely, securely and over 10 times faster than our current financial infrastructure can function. All of the positives are in the white paper but where is the part where they can program the currency to EXPIRE, program it to work only where those “in charge” deem worthy or that it allows total surveillance and control of all we do?

Project Cedar – a project between the Federal Reserve, the major banks like JP Morgan, State Street and Bank of NY Mellon along with the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) and MIT. This is a project that tested wholesale CBDCs which would be for large scale transactions.

Regulated Liability Network – This to me is the most disturbing of all. Basically, the same players, Fed, BIS, MIT Media Lab and major banks are the ones involved. This project is aimed at “tokenizing” EVERYTHING. What this actually means is that virtually anything you buy is issued in digital tokens so that it can be tracked. If you bought a computer and you made comments deemed “inappropriate” by those “in charge” they would be able to disable it or maybe send the police to take it away. They are practicing tokenizing homes, stocks, bonds, cars, jewelry, etc. Not only can they program their (notice I didn’t say “your money”) money they are also able to track ALL of your assets.

I guess one plus is you won’t get letters from the IRS saying you owe them money anymore. Of course, you will likely just wake up one day and the “money” will just be gone. Make someone “in charge” upset? You may lose cash, a car, your home. Sounds like a conspiracy theory? Just ask some Chinese citizens who have had assets taken and have been banned from rail and plane travel because of things that the state deems dangerous- kind of like here where the TRUTH is considered dangerous.

While the compliant (and bought off) mainstream media is silent on this, plans are FAR further along than they are letting on.

This is a plan that is over 100 years in the making. This chapter will visit a bit more of history and just how the planned takedown to usher in a new system may unfold.



CBDCs Are Coming!

Be Prepared!



I guess a good place to start would be all the way back in 1910 when the bankers of the day met in Jekyll Island Georgia. This led to the Federal Reserve Act in 1913.

The plan was to start a central bank in the USA. This would allow the bankers to control the “money” of the country and allow them to basically call all of the shots once their system was fully implemented.

This had to be done in secret because our founding fathers warned us about letting a central bank issue our money. Thomas Jefferson- over 300 years ago-gave us the blueprint of how the plan would work.

He said that if we allowed ourselves to have a central bank our ancestors (us!) would be renting back the land that we conquered. They will do it first with inflation and then deflation.

At the time our citizenry actually had strong moral characters, and many were well-educated. This scheme had to be done in the dead of night- and was. Not long after, a national income tax was born and, despite the propaganda, it was to pay interest to the newly established central bank for the “money” they would print up from nowhere and charge US for the luxury.

As with all government programs only the “rich” would actually have to pay income tax. You know the rest of the story!

Of course, this has taken place for more than a century, so it is kind of like the boiling frog syndrome. It happens slowly so many don’t notice what is actually happening until it’s too late.

At the time I doubt the bankers could have imagined the technology that would allow them the TOTAL control that exists now. This same central bank scheme has been taking place for hundreds of years around the globe and it is said that the original central bankers- the Rothschilds- once said Let me have control of the money and I care not who is in charge. Basically, he was saying that the country could not function without his printing up of money, so he was in charge anyway!

How do you think our country would function without the TRILLIONS in dollars being conjured up year after year?

Many countries- mainly in Africa and the Middle East were kept in abject poverty because the natural resources of those countries are expropriated by those “in charge” and they are given pieces of paper (now just a digital click) for actual wealth which are the goods that they produce. Just recently, the Italian Prime Minister Meloni called out the French for doing exactly what I just described when she said if they let Africans keep their wealth instead of the paper France sends them maybe the refugees would stay there and not be overrunning Europe. It is rare to see such honesty! *

The scheme has worked so far but now the end game is in sight. It is for the central banks to be the buyer and lender of last resort. Basically, what that means is that they will conjure up cash out of nowhere, buy everything in sight and charge us interest for what they conjured up out of nowhere. At the same time, they will be buying our assets right out from under us.

As we can see, Thomas Jefferson was right on. They have made so many assets so expensive in dollar terms that most people have to go into debt (Central Bank’s ONLY product) to afford the necessities of modern life. Most people take out loans for houses, cars, college, and recently I even see people taking out loans for furniture and vacations! It appears that the inflation part has been accomplished.

So how do they own it all? Are they going to just take people’s property? That would be messy- and dangerous. All those that are in over their heads and have no options after the economy collapses will have to surrender their assets to the bank that lent them the money. Who owns the Fed? The MAJOR banks!  It appears to me that the small and medium sized banks are being absorbed by the big banks and the assets will all go where they want it to- the owners of the central bank- the major banks. Even this appears to have been planned flawlessly as the barrier to entry is set so high that only the major banks can qualify to be shareholders of the Fed.

I find it hard to believe that the Fed didn’t know that increasing interest rates at the pace they were raising them wouldn’t cause problems for ALL banks. Banks lend short but invest long. That means there is a mismatch between the bank’s assets and liabilities. The assets have generally been invested long-term while the liabilities are short-term. When you make a deposit into a bank you are lending the bank your money. It then becomes an ASSET of the bank and they can invest it in mortgages, US Treasuries, or pretty much any other way they see fit. It also becomes a LIABILITY of the bank as they OWE that money back to you.

In normal times the banks are mandated to keep a certain amount of cash available. This would be called the reserve requirement. The central bank dictates how much a bank has to hold in reserve to cover withdrawals of deposits. In the past the central banks have used the reserve requirements to slow down inflation. As the banks had to keep more cash on hand it could not be lent out or invested and inflation would come down.  One of the main reasons I believe they are crashing the system on purpose is that even though the Fed APPEARS to be fighting inflation a LARGE weapon is not being used. The current reserve requirement for banks is ZERO. It has been this way since the board reduced the requirements in March of 2020.

The Fed has been raising rates for over a year and inflation is still rising. In addition, we are now seeing MASSIVE layoffs and many of the Fed presidents have come out and have said that they need to slow the economy (destroy our jobs and purchasing power) to slow down inflation.

In the meantime, with rates going up substantially, it is leading to deposits flowing out of the banks and into T Bills, Money markets, and other areas that are offering a better yield. While the major banks have a backstop in the Fed the smaller banks will be lucky to survive because not only are deposits flowing out which is leading to them having to sell longer-dated securities that have MAJOR losses due to the rising interest rates and causing major losses on their books but the traditional revenue streams are also drying up. Loans are WAY down not only because of rising rates but also because of a collapsing economy. The financial deals to bring companies public are slowing to a crawl also because of bad market conditions and again- the collapsing economy. When rates rise many projects that make perfect sense when the money is cheap become uneconomical with normal interest rates.

To me, this looks like the perfect storm that was perfectly planned all along.

I believe it is imperative to mention that the major banks are really nothing more than gambling casinos on top of all of these other problems. When I say they can invest in any way they see fit I am not kidding. The major cause of the Great Depression was too much debt. People borrowed money for everything- even buying stocks. As the stocks collapsed people (and bankers) lost more than they could pay off and many were wiped out. Their paper gains turned into REAL LOSSES as the margin clerks sold out their positions to cover their debts.

Seeing what happened and how banks were wiped out in the carnage of 1929 the US government passed the Glass-Steagall act which prohibited deposit-taking banks from merging with investment banks. This was to ensure the viability of the deposits at the bank so they couldn’t be gambled away. Unfortunately, in 1999 Glass-Steagall was repealed after a $300 MILLION lobbying campaign by the major banks and investment banks. This allowed the investment banks to merge with commercial banks again and gain access to conservative deposits and invest them in sometimes risky investments but possibly more sinister to LEVERAGE those assets up. There are rules in the USA which put limits on the amount of leverage that can be employed so some banks were found to have sent some deposit money over to England where they could employ massive leverage. While it appears that smaller banks are being propped up to be consumed by the major banks I would not sleep on the fact that the major banks have some major problems of their own.

A common scheme could be to take a million dollars of deposit money and lever it up 10 times- making a bet of 10 Million dollars. If you buy a conservative investment like a 10-year Treasury note and get 2% you can now get a return of 20%. As I have said in the past leverage makes things look great on the way up, but it can also grease the skids on the way down. If that 10-year yield rises to 4% the bond you are holding would decrease in value substantially.  If the bond value was to drop 5% you just lost 50%- if you marked to market (give an accurate accounting of present value). Those rules were changed after the last crisis to allow the bank’s books to look FAR stronger than they actually are. The problem today is that those bond yields DID rise and the leverage is putting a hurting on ALL of the banks because as deposits leave the assets have to be sold to cover those deposits and those fantasy valuations get exposed for the fraud they are.

Just as an example, according to US Bank locations, on 12/31/2022 the 5 largest banks in the USA had $182,568,848,000,000 (that’s OVER 182 TRILLION) in derivative bets. So much for CONSERVATIVE.

It gets even more interesting when you look at the Fed buying $4.5 TRILLION in junk bonds that they admit to- likely FAR higher. It would seem odd that they would buy junk bonds on the surface but let’s look below that surface. Let’s say you have a great company that is creating large profits and have a great business but find themselves in financial trouble because of taking on too much debt. There are hundreds- if not thousands here in the USA. Some are household names that have great income, decent profit margins but have more debt than assets. In the event of a bankruptcy where liabilities are greater than the assets all stakeholders (stocks, preferred stocks, and all bonds) would be wiped out. As in a 100% loss from which you cannot recover. What I believe the Fed’s plan is would be to buy SECURED BONDS. What this means is that after the dust clears and all participants are relieved of their money, the secured bond holders get a debt for equity swap. In laymen’s terms they get shares of stock for their worthless bonds. This means they inherit a company that has all of the assets, infrastructure, contracts, employees and NO DEBT! If we are allowed to buy at that time I would be first in line! Of course, once the Fed owns it, we may not be able to participate. Time will tell.

I initially learned this reality the hard way around 2001. A friend of mine told me that I should buy the stock of a major retailer. He was friends with the CEO. He said that he was told that if they just sold the real estate that they owned it would be three times higher than the current stock price. That made sense to me, so I put in a few thousand dollars. Luckily not more! After a while the company couldn’t carry their debts and defaulted on their bonds. The first losers? You guessed it- the common shareholders. My few thousand became $0.00 with NO CHANCE for recovery. The bondholders were wiped out too, but many got the debt-for-equity swap that I mentioned above. At that time, they inherited a company with little debt. The initial “new” stock price was $10.00 per share. I noticed a while later it was $60.00 per share. I didn’t want to look anymore after that but, as many of you likely know, the cycle repeated itself and the company was then dead and buried for good. Obviously, the timing of buying and selling was extremely important. It made the difference between a nice boom or a total bust.

So, why are they going to all of this trouble now? It is to issue in a new system that will consist of the technology for- CENTRAL BANK DIGITAL CURRENCY.

One thing that many may not think about is that to have a new system in place the old system has to be destroyed first. This leads me to believe that the current fiat currency system needs to be taken down and a crisis needs to be instituted to usher in a new era of government control. This likely means a MASSIVE devaluation in all currencies but likely the most affected will be our US dollar as it loses its global dominance- by design.

I truly believe that if we don’t plan PRIOR to this taking place, we will be at the mercy of those “in charge”.

I have been writing about this for over 5 years ever since I saw on the Bank of International Settlements website that CBDCs were mandated for all central banks by 2025. This is what led me to say in 2021 that I believe there will be a major crisis- probably by 2024 at the latest- so be prepared!

This is something that has been being planned for a century. I believe we are running short on time to make our own preparations so that we can not only survive- but hopefully thrive- in the coming years ahead.

It is likely that there will be great turmoil shortly. The problem is trying to figure out what assets would be right to hold in the event of an inflationary tsunami or in a deflationary collapse. It also appears to be prudent to game plan for both at the same time- just different assets moving in different directions.

While I have no crystal ball and don’t always get it right (at least in the short-term) I hope that some of the ideas that I will put forth in this book will allow you to do some critical thinking and make decisions that will benefit you and your family going forward. I also hope that some of the pitfalls I see coming will be brought to your attention so you are not blindsided by what may be coming next.

*Meloni video Skynews on youtube 11-19-2022

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