Almost There

During this part of your journey, your life is going to change, perhaps significantly, and your financial plan will need to change, too. Think of it as a living plan, and as your life becomes richer with each wedding, birth and graduation, we will work together to ensure that your plan reflects your new priorities, concerns and goals.

And as you approach the end of your career, you may have questions about what comes next or if you’re ready emotionally and financially.

Together, we’ll uncover the answers and address any concerns you may have.

Everyone’s vision is different.

Fill in the details beforehand so we can effectively plan for your future. We will:

  • Identify short- and long-term goals. When do you want to retire? Where do you want to live? How will you spend your days?
  • Estimate income and expenses for the life you’re envisioning.
  • Consider the unexpected and other obligations so they won’t catch you unprepared.

Is what you envision realistic?

Together, we’ll determine if your income and investments will cover your needs and wants during the next phase of your life.

  • If not, we’ll make adjustments to your plan as needed so you’ll know the likelihood of achieving success.
  • If you need to play catchup, we’ll talk about how to do so by making larger contributions to your retirement accounts or possibly cutting back in other areas.
  • We will also discuss your Social Security and Medicare options with you, so you’ll be ready as soon as you’re eligible.

Life has a way of throwing curveballs.

So it’s important we plan for any unexpected expenses that may come your way so they don’t derail your plan. We can do so by:

  • Identifying and addressing the major risks you could face.
  • Maintaining your emergency fund for “rainy days”.
  • Updating your estate plan to reflect all assets and your current wishes.