Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2022!

I believe that we will likely have to work on all three to accomplish these things.

Most of all, I think that the prosperous part may be the most difficult to attain. It appears that if the Fed actually tries to fight inflation (I’m betting NOT) all of the artificially high prices of stocks, bonds and real estate could come crashing down and lead to massive pain because as the assets fall in value the DEBTS remain- unless they are defaulted on, and then FAR more pain comes.

If they continue their profligate spending spree then it is likely that 2022 could be the year that social unrest really gets going. As Gerald Celente says, “When people lose it all- they lose it!”

The class that is considered below the poverty line are already suffering and the middle class is shrinking day by day. Each trip to the grocery store reminds me that prices are rising FAR faster than the bogus inflation numbers put out by those “in charge”. It also appears that there is no end in sight as all of the input costs to produce food like natural gas, fertilizer and oil (diesel) are skyrocketing in price. That does not bode well for future prices.

I believe 2022 should be a good year for those who have planned ahead and don’t have all of their eggs in one basket.

There are a lot of changes coming our way but I believe with proper planning and positioning for what is coming rather than what appears to be now this could be the greatest opportunity to create life-changing wealth that we may ever see. I also believe that this can be sustainable wealth- not like Bitcoin which to me is nothing but a speculation that the price will keep going up. The real VALUE is in REAL stuff that we need to produce so that we can live day-to-day. It is not in paper assets that can be manipulated with virtually free “money” in virtually UNLIMITED amounts.

Unfortunately for many, they believe the mainstream narrative that “The economy is strong” even though we get one dismal report after another.

My hope for 2022 is that MANY more people wake up and that the money-changers can have their day of reckoning which, in my opinion, is LONG overdue!

Best Wishes for an enlightening and inspiring 2022!

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