Happy Thanksgiving! To me, this is the greatest holiday. It allows us to look back at the past year and appreciate all that has happened. Most times I think about the good times that we had and the upcoming holiday season that most are anticipating.

While I will still likely celebrate in the same way this year- with appreciation for the blessings that we have received- all while eating far too much and watching football- I am going to add another “thanks” to my list.

My “thanks” goes out loud and clear to Giorgia Meloni (Italian Premier) who is highlighting what I have been writing about for years. Of course, far more people will listen to the Italian Premier rather than a little financial advisor in the mountains of Pennsylvania.

I guess that I should start out with the fact that there is an abundance on earth that can easily sustain us all but much of the abundance has been hijacked by (mostly) central bankers and their minions in government. This has created uber-wealthy and dirt poor.

In my opinion it is pure evil to suggest that there is not enough resources to carry the population of the earth or that man is going to make very much of a difference (climate change) in the maker’s grand plan.

Of course, this misinformation has to be disseminated by those in charge to get those not paying attention enough to be fearful so they can manipulate us even more. If we were to go back to our Judeo-Christian roots this would be nipped in the bud as the fraud it is.

There are hundreds of illustrations of this and the BRICS, SCO and those that would like to join are shedding light on how those “in charge” have been getting monstrously wealthy by manipulating prices for their own benefit, conquering those weaker and keeping them down so they don’t revolt. In addition, they get supplies they want for FAR less than what a fair price would be. This is leaving nations, families ands children in abject poverty as the fat cats get fatter and are now trying to make the whole world their serfdom.

In a recent TV interview Ms. Meloni was showing a photo of a child going into a mine to produce gold (real money). She also noted that France “prints” “money” for Burkina Faso- who already has real money- GOLD. In return, they DEMAND 50% of What Burkina Faso produces.

Basically, France is getting 50% of the gold produced for no more than a little ink and paper.

Her point was “don’t send Africans to Europe but free Africans from those that impoverish them there”. In my opinion – WELL SAID! Let’s include the world so that next year we can all have even more to be thankful for.

While France is nearly bankrupt- even with this going on- Burkina Faso remains one of the poorest countries on the planet even though it has assets.

This is similar to the Fed and other central bank schemes to conjure up cash out of nowhere and buy real assets with the newly created purchasing power.

In closing, I really believe that by the time we get to our next Thanksgiving (for those of us fortunate to get another one)  things may be vastly different.

It appears that our economic collapse is accelerating and I see no end in sight (yet).

My hope is that, as things sour economically people will once again realize that “money” is nothing more than a mean of exchange. Hopefully we can start valuing people based upon character and not on what they have or what they look like. Hopefully we can go back to the time when we all watched each others backs rather than trying to get ahead by burying our neighbor.

If all of that happens I guess I can be thankful for even an economic meltdown.

Be healthy, Be Safe and most of all …

Be Prepared!

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