As I somewhat expected, we are over a week past our national elections and we still appear to have no clear winner for the presidency or a clear majority for either side in the senate.  In the meantime, the “markets” have been rallying even though as I write this they are pulling back. There really is no reason for stocks to be rising here anyway other than the expectation that the central banks and their buddies will continue to “print and buy”. Certainly, the economic outlook is FAR less than rosy!

More than likely the ultimate winner will preside over the most tumultuous time in US history. We are in the middle of an economic collapse and it comes at a time when the country has never been more divided since the Civil War. Working together to pull ourselves out of this funk seems to be highly unlikely. Growing our way out of the gargantuan debts that we have accumulated over the past 50 years or so would take an act of God at this point.  As a matter of fact, our debts are growing at unprecedented amounts right now!

While the wrangling continues the country continues to slide deeper into the economic abyss as many places are seeing a spike in Covid cases and renewed shutdowns are beginning again.

Where are the voices of reason? I see and speak to MANY doctors who are saying that the lockdowns are causing far more harm than the virus itself. These are medical doctors AND mental health professionals globally.

In addition, many doctors are touting a protocol (with no vaccines, etc.) that have virtually a 100% success rate when the virus is caught early. Many look at flawed research and try to debunk the simple solution that has been practiced in the real world with astounding success. When the actual MDs get on camera they are quickly removed from social media and one was actually fired for speaking out.

This protocol was repeated to me in early May when a doctor in LA had 155 cases of Covid, some so severe they had to be wheeled in, and in EVERY case (100%) they walked out in 24-48 hours cured.

Chris Martenson (Phd in pathology) was interviewed on and laid out the medical malfeasance taking place in a clear and concise manner. I highly recommend giving it a look.

It appears to me that this is being prolonged and leading to many unnecessary deaths for what appears to me to be control on the part of the politicians and profit for big pharma. It also appears to provide tremendous cover for the Fed who can now “print” with impunity because the velocity of money is at all-time lows.

I still continue to believe that the end game is the destruction of the US dollar and a move to a new system. I also believe that this is a clear signal that investing today like you have in the last 20 years may deliver drastically different results.

Today another 700,000 +people have reportedly filed first-time unemployment claims and still over 20 million are collecting unemployment benefits here in the USA. As we move forward, if the lockdowns continue, we are likely to see another surge in unemployment. Sorry folks, there is NO recovery even though TRILLIONS have been conjured up and spent to give the illusion of one.

As many of you know I was expecting some fireworks after the election and some serious instability. I am still expecting exactly that. Many on the Trump side have not given up hope and most on the Biden side have claimed victory and- as long as it stands- may remain placated.

I seriously believe that when a definitive winner is declared is when the fireworks begin. I don’t see either side accepting the outcome if they are on the losing side. There are many reasons that I believe Mr. Trump may still prevail. One reason is the obvious fraud that has been uncovered. Another, and actually far more sinister, is that this next president will get the blame for the economic implosion that is almost assured to take place shortly. If I were running things and wanted to destroy a certain faction, I would want them in power when the SHTF and destroy their credibility for good.

The stars are certainly aligned for an economic implosion that is entering year 3 right now. Covid was just an excuse. The rot has been evident since at least 2008 and REALLY evident since 2018.

While gold has performed wonderfully this year it has had a recent pullback. My guess is that the “markets” are pricing in a Biden win and an eventless transfer of power. I also believe that the banks are still up to their old tricks selling paper that they present as gold or silver to keep the price suppressed as they buy for themselves.

If I am right about some upcoming turmoil you could see gold, silver and miners really rally. If I am wrong I still know that the central banks can’t stop their “printing and buying” without having the stock, bond and real estate markets implode which will likely lead to higher prices for everything including gold, silver and miners.

It appears to me that the only thing we can count on is for the central banks to continue to “print and buy” until they own it all- or as much as can possibly be had.

Personally, I would rather be buying an asset that is being suppressed- like the central and major banks are doing-rather than buying overvalued assets that are being artificially propped up. One day the scheme will end, true value will be revealed and many will be stunned to learn that much of their presumed “wealth” was nothing but an illusion.

In looking at the debt figures here in the USA and indeed across the globe it appears to be a fantasy to believe that much of the outstanding debt will ever be repaid- even though most of us are counting on it for the future. Are there any hard assets in your portfolio? Should there be?

Be Prepared!

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