Project mBridge. Ever heard of it? I didn’t think so. While most of the country is busy worrying about mid-term elections and the latest shenanigans of their favorite celebrities, the events that are most likely to impact their lives are being hidden in plain sight.

As I watch all of the major media outlets, I can’t help but think that all the focus on elections is to make many believe that if the vote “correctly” it can somehow change their lives. It appears to me that this is an illusion that has been ingrained in so many that it will be hard to change the paradigm.

After all of our elections in this century the ONLY thing that has changed is that under each administration the amount of spending is MORE than any other previous administration and, in many cases more than most other administrations combined.

Why is this? Because those really in charge- the central banks have one product. It is debt. Hence, we are in a debt-based system where either the debt grows exponentially or the system collapses. It is obvious to me that the real power lies in those that control the currency. As the first in a long line of Rothschilds once said- paraphrasing-if I have the power to create the currency I don’t care who is in charge. He inherently knew that if you controlled the purse strings you could get just about anyone to do almost anything that you wanted them to do.

What would our economy, society and safety look like if it weren’t for the hundreds of trillions in debt that has been created out of thin air over time? The government uses all sorts of accounting gimmicks to make things appear FAR better than they actually are but even taking that into account the central bank is conjuring up over $2 TRILLION yearly to keep the lights on and the freebies flowing. More than likely it is FAR more that they are doing but even at $2 Trillion we could kiss many freebies goodbye along with many other things we currently take for granted. Of course, if we had never gone down this road to start with our economy, society and safety would likely be in a far more stable place than we are currently in.

It is also apparent that those “in charge” are well aware that the jig is about up. We are seeing in England, Japan and the EU that central banks are using MASSIVE money-“printing” schemes to hide the carnage taking place in the bond “markets”. It is also plain to see that, if continued, the currencies involved will likely collapse even faster than they are currently falling. On the other hand, if they stop bond yields would likely skyrocket and the price of the bonds would collapse in no time. Keep in mind that many of these bonds are being used as collateral that could lead to margin calls like we saw in England a few weeks ago. This would start a cascade that could wipe most debt-based assets out. This is the main reason my bet is that they keep “printing” to infinity.

My take is that the only assets that will hold value if this takes place is hard assets and the companies that produce such goods. Of course, I also believe that the central banks, led by the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) are causing all of this to happen on purpose.

Why would they do that? I believe it is to usher in a new financial system that they can control in ways that many will find hard to imagine.

Many believe that cryptocurrencies are an answer to get around this oncoming tsunami of control. I have to respectfully disagree. I have heard many say that certain platforms would be used for theCBDCs. (Central Bank Digital Currencies). The BIS just put out a press release that blows that argument to shreds. It reads:

“The BIS Innovation Hub Hong Kong Centre, The Hong Kong Monetary Authority, the Bank of Thailand, the Digital Currency Institute of the People’s Bank of China and the central bank of the United Arab Emirates are working together to build such a multi-CBDC platform, known as mBRIDGE. A platform based on a new blockchain- the mBridge Ledger- was built by central banks to support real time, peer to peer, cross border payments and foreign exchange transactions using CBDCs.

Keep in mind that the BIS has made it mandatory that all central banks have a CBDC by 2025. My take is that there will need to be a major crisis prior to that date so that people will be begging for a solution- which they will conveniently have available.

As I have written in the past- and I base this on what I have witnessed throughout history- look for ALL other competing digital assets to be illegal in the future, since none of these “assets” actually have any tangible use- or value for that matter if the authorities determine its “use” to be illegal. They will almost certainly determine cryptos to be illegal because they would be a direct threat to the new system of control.

On the other hand, if you hold gold, silver, food, oil, water or the companies that produce our necessities of life- or unencumbered real estate- you may be able to retain some level of privacy and you may just be holding assets that skyrocket in price (mainly to catch up to its actual value after all of the manipulation through money “printing”).

I truly believe that ANYONE who thinks the next 5-10 years will look anything like what we have seen in the past 50 years or so is in for a RUDE awakening. It also appears that all of the cracks that I have been writing about for the last 10 years are now becoming far more visible to many people who are paying attention.

While the financial game shows are focusing on “Is this the bottom in stocks?” Is it time to BTFD? The central banks and major banks- along with many eastern countries are buying up record amounts of silver and gold while suppressing the price. As I have also said- with every Euro, Yen, Dollar,Yuan, etc. that is conjured up out of nowhere the VALUE of hard assets go up. Through manipulation, the central banks and major banks (actual owners of central banks) can keep the PRICE from reflecting true value for a period of time. Of course, in the end it will all be exposed.

It is no surprise to me that those “in charge” are loading up on particularly gold and silver because if anyone knows where this is headed it would be those who are commanding the ship.

Personally, I have learned to NEVER listen to what they say but always watch what they do. Then act accordingly.

Be Prepared!

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