Just when you think you have heard it all … it just gets more bizarre. This week we just learned that, in addition to the central banks “printing and buying” just about everything and manipulating all prices, they are also helping private companies profit at our expense.

We have been hearing about homes selling for up to 20% above listing prices. The average time on the market for a home is now 6 days. We have been told that it is because people are leaving the cities and moving to greener spaces. While that is true, the same factors that are driving prices higher in the suburbs and the country, are leading to crashing prices where people are leaving.

Another factor, which is seldom brought up is that firms like Blackrock and Blackstone have quietly become America’s largest landlords. In a stunning deal announced this week Blackstone (partially owned by China’s Sovereign Wealth Fund) paid $6 BILLION for 17,000 homes at an average price of $352,942.00.

With cheap “money” from the Fed they are able to pay 20-50% over the listing price. What bank would finance that for you? Try NONE.

This is another reason why “supply” is more limited and prices are rising. This also makes rents skyrocket because those buyers that historically would be buying are unable to afford to buy a home and are forced to rent.

Our forefathers warned that our descendants would be renting back the land that many gave their lives for if we ever had a central bank. It appears their worst fears are coming to fruition.

It also appears that Klaus Schwab’s statement at the World Economic Forum is being implemented as we speak “You will own nothing and be happy”. It appears that those “printing and buying” and those close to them will price the rest of us out of the “markets”- whichever “markets” we may be talking about. I believe that is why the “rich” are buying real assets like farmland, gold, silver, etc.

While those who already own homes are happy to see prices rising those who are looking to put down roots are being priced out of the market.  Tell me how this could possibly be positive for our younger generation.

This is just one more clear sign that those “in the know” are flying out of cash and buying REAL STUFF.

The banks and central banks have been loading up on gold and silver for years, buying stocks and bonds and keeping the assets that would expose the dilution of currencies (mainly gold and silver) repressed.

Of course, as they manipulate those prices lower, they continue to BUY.

In the meantime, the Central Bank Digital Currencies are being developed as we speak. In a note by Raphael Auer and Rainer Boehme of the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) they write “We find that technological developments inspired by popular cryptocurrency systems- based on anonymity and lacking a central authority DO NOT MEET THE REQIREMENTS for a RETAIL CBDC. Translation (my take): We will outlaw all forms of currencies that we don’t control. Bet on that!

Just last week another “HUB” was opened in London to facilitate transactions for CBDCs. This is one of many scheduled for this year. Already up and running are hubs in Singapore, Hong Kong, Switzerland and on deck are New York, Toronto, Paris, Frankfurt and possibly others.

All of the manipulation of all prices and the damaging effects of those manipulations will pale in comparison to the dire consequences of a digital currency that will have a permanent record attached to it and will allow those in power to determine if you are a good enough citizen to be allowed to spend this new currency. Sounds far-fetched? It is already happening in China. I believe this is why the US dollar is being destroyed on purpose- to usher in a new system.

Keep in mind that the people “in charge” of this new system are none other than the central banks and their owners- the major banks. I believe they have shown that all that matters to them is- them, and the power they can derive and assets that they can amass for themselves- at OUR expense in most cases.

It also appears to me that our “representatives” in Washington are nothing but yes people for those really in charge- the bankers.

Why do our supposed representatives NEVER ask any questions like:

If we have a booming economy why are we continuing zero interest rates and purchasing AT LEAST $120 Billion per month in treasuries and mortgage-backed securities? Keep in mind there is NO limit- at least $120 billion minimum.

With inflation raging and the traditional “tool” used to mitigate it being raising interest rates, why would you be waiting to MAYBE raise rates in 2023 when inflation is already FAR higher than your “target” of devaluing our “money” by 2% per year? My opinion is that they can NEVER raise rates without causing extinction events for individuals, companies, municipalities, states and nations. Unfortunately for us, that may have been the plan all along so they can own it all.

Why are you buying mortgage backed securities (propping up those assets) when home prices are rising uncontrollably? Could it be that when the homes foreclose they will become the new owners? Of course, that already happened in 2008- this is round 2.

Why did you purchase $4.5 Trillion in junk bonds? In addition, why did American taxpayers put up $450 BILLION in case you incurred a loss even though you conjure up “money” from nowhere at virtually no cost anyway? My guess is that when these companies default on that debt the Fed will become the owner of a company with NO DEBT but all of the assets in place. Again, buying it all at our expense and our “representatives” are giving them free reign to do whatever they please.

Folks, inflation is an insidious tax that impacts the poor the most. The central banks try to feign compassion when their actions could destroy poor family’s ability to sustain themselves no matter how hard they are willing to work.

It is my opinion that the system is nearing its final crescendo. Hundreds of trillions of currency units have been conjured up from nowhere to disguise the ROT that is permeating our economic and financial systems. The stench is getting so bad that almost everyone is noticing that something is drastically wrong even if they can’t quite figure out just what it is. I believe a lot of the violence we are witnessing across the globe is a direct result if inequality and frustration with current “leaders” virtually everywhere.

Many assets that people consider the source of their wealth may just end abruptly with a thud. If the music stops and you are still running around the chairs it is likely you won’t get out without major damage- if at all.

Be Prepared!

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