I am writing this on the Juneteenth holiday. This is the day that the slaves in the South were freed, and it must have been quite exhilarating for them at that time. Prior to their release there must have been quite a lack of hope for the future.

While change of such magnitude can lead to excitement and hope, it can also lead to stress because of such a massive change and an unknown future. Keep in mind that many NEVER knew freedom.

It appears to me that many of us are slaves to the financial system. The sad part is that most people have no idea just how enslaved we are. It is easy to be confused since we are propagandized 24/7 about how “free” we are. Indeed today, anyone under 65 in the USA has likely not seen what FREEDOM really is.

I was talking to a friend of mine whose uncle used to work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania. He said that the workers were like slaves in that they worked for the company, were paid with company script (private money) and paid rent to the company and spent their earnings at the company store. They never had a chance to build any private wealth- only the owners could do that. There was a massive chasm between the owners and the workers.

Look at what we have today. We work to earn Federal Reserve notes. We have lost our local businessmen and now shop at mega corporations where all of the wealth is concentrated at the top. The “money” we are working for is losing purchasing power at an astounding clip because of all the “printing” they are doing and that is making the VALUE of our labor plummet. This is likely why so many young people are frustrated and upset. They see little hope for their future. They work harder and harder and are falling further behind.

While I am not trying to insinuate that we have it as bad as the slaves of the south we are certainly not in any sense “FREE” as we used to be in the past.

Unlike the Southern slaves who had little chance of escaping their fate we do have options today to free ourselves from becoming totally controlled by our out-of-control governments and central banks- who are actually calling all the shots. If you don’t think the Fed is calling the shots just picture the Fed stopping “printing” for just a few hours. The entire system could implode because we are adding $1 TRILLION in debt every 3 months or so- that they have on the balance sheet. We can only guess the enormity of off-balance sheet spending like wars, etc. Without the “printing” we could not afford social programs, wars, police, fire companies, interest on existing debt- you name it. We are getting by, in MANY cases, personally, municipally, state, corporations, and national governments by going deeper and deeper into debt to keep the illusion of solvency and of a productive self-sustaining society. This has not been the case since at least 2008 but likely long before that. It just became painfully obvious then.

While some may argue that the debt doesn’t matter, they are simply wrong. Every dollar of interest paid is a dollar that cannot be spent on something productive or useful. Some debt can be good if it is for creating something of value and has a means of being paid off over time. The problem with our debt in the USA is that we are conjuring up cash and paying interest on it right out of the gate and then just blowing it on wars and personal consumption. At the end of the day, we have the debt and interest payments with NOTHING to show for it. This is a key reason our infrastructure is crumbling, and we are well on our way to an outcome similar to Venezuela or Argentina.

As the interest payments get more and more onerous those “in charge” keep looking for ways to keep kicking the can down the road. Local governments raise taxes and fees and install devices to capture people going 30 miles per hour in a 25 mile an hour zone. For safety of course- NOT! It is to get an extra source of revenue.

Think you own your home? If you have a mortgage the bank owns your home. Don’t pay taxes for 2 or 3 years and you will learn that the taxing authority you didn’t pay owns it as they evict you- even if you have no mortgage.

True Freedom would mean little to no government intrusion into most people’s lives. It would mean getting paid in REAL money for a real day’s work. Currently, we are working for a currency that we don’t own (the Fed owns it, and we owe it back to them) and that they can conjure up as many as they like at virtually no cost to them but at a massive cost to us in interest expense and plunging purchasing power.

While we are forced to participate in THEIR system, we can make provisions to protect ourselves.

Since we transact in dollars, we need dollars. The key to me, is that it would be prudent to diversify into ASSETS that are actually ASSETS and not just a debt instrument where we have to count on someone else’s promise to repay. How many of those promises would already have been broken if the Fed wasn’t conjuring up tens of trillions of dollars to pretend that “all is well”?

The dollar, and all fiat currencies are based upon the CONfidence placed in them and, in the case of the USA, the full faith and credit of the US government. Yes, THAT government running up a trillion in new debt every quarter even though the first trillion took over 200 YEARS to accumulate. The government that looks more like a banana republic than the once-great bastion of capitalism, enterprise and rule of law. That government vaporizing the last bit of prestige that we once held across the globe by bullying, stealing assts and sanctioning anyone not toeing the line.

It appears to me that the writing is on the wall. It is important to make plans to avoid having all of your hard-earned cash either vaporized in debt instruments or inflated away in dollars.

You can’t inflate away real things like food, water, gold, silver, oil, real estate- anything that can’t be created in unlimited amounts with virtually no cost and no VALUE. All the effort and expense of PRODUCING those assets are still there and accounted for- regardless of the paper games being played by the banks and hedge funds for their benefit and to the detriment of the rest of us.

They can manipulate the PRICE to fool the masses and make massive profits for themselves BUT the VALUE is always there in ASSETS. Sometimes the PRICE can get too high here also but my take here is that hard assets are greatly undervalued at this time and offer VALUE that is far superior to stocks, bonds and other “assets” that are being artificially propped up.

The good news is that their “power” which is to conjure up cash in unlimited amounts and conjure up paper contracts in unlimited amounts is coming to a close. Why? INFLATION. Once you start “printing” to even pay interest on existing debt and issuing new debt to retire old debt your demise is in sight. It is called monetizing the debt. This has been done hundreds of times throughout history and has a 100% failure rate for the currency involved. At some point- similar to Japan right now- the cure (money for nothing) becomes the disease and destroys itself.

WHY are we in UKRAINE? According to Lindsey Graham there are $12 TRILLION of natural resources there that we can’t let Russia and China have. I believe it is as simple as that. Even the morally bankrupt government wants real ASSETS- that they would love to trade for their computer blips or green pieces of paper. Too bad we have to destroy a country to make a few bucks for the donors.

Ignore history at your own peril!

Be Prepared!

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