How many people out there are more than a little surprised at the amount of severe weather we have been seeing locally, nationally and globally?  I have been noticing that there is strange weather all over the globe. There are stories of 700 earthquakes in the Fontana area of California in the past 2 weeks. There are stories of many earthquakes taking place in the “ring of fire” in and around the Pacific. There are stories of tar bubbling up through the streets of Los Angeles near the La Brea Tar Pits.

There was even an earthquake- in of all places- Cleveland!

Volcanoes are erupting across the globe with the latest being Mount Sinabung in Indonesia which blasted ash 5 miles into the sky on the island of Sumatra just last week. Personally, I have not witnessed as much rain as I have seen here in Pennsylvania since last summer (where it appeared to rain the entire summer long and hasn’t really stopped since) and the disaster that is taking place in the Midwest where flooding has been historic during this year.

According to numerous reports there are problems around the globe with weather-related problems for farmers and therefore a likely problem with our food supply going forward.

I have often wondered if God was sending a message when these type of events start taking place. My personal belief is that He is. I really believe that these outward signs are exactly that- signs to prepare for something. Many may remember the “dust bowl” in the 1930s. Was that a warning?

Of course, in today’s day and age we have some brilliant minds that can explain why many of these events may be taking place.

According to Science and Technology the earth’s magnetic north pole is moving faster than scientists have expected and has led to the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) to report changes to the magnetic north pole a full year earlier than they had planned to. This came at the request of the military.

One hundred years ago the north pole was located near the northern coast of Canada. Today it is in the middle of the Arctic Ocean and is moving towards Russia. Prior to 1980 the pole was moving at 15 kilometers per year. Since the year 2000 the pole has been moving 55 kilometers per year. Since 1831 it has moved 2300 kilometers towards Siberia.

If you are inclined to you can read an article by Aylin Wood in Business Insider from April 22, 2019 that explains the reasons why the pole keeps moving. There are also YouTube videos that discuss this phenomenon and discuss the problems that this causes to navigation systems that rely on the magnetic north pole for locations.

Daniel Lathrop, a University of Maryland geophysicist, commented that the north and south poles could actually reverse. The last time this happened was 780,000 years ago and it is not a common occurrence. He also mentioned that an area of the South Atlantic has already reversed beneath the earth’s surface. In a YouTube video that I watched about a month ago there was speculation that a third “pole” was forming in this same area of the South Atlantic which could lead to major weather changes for the entire planet.

In looking at another piece of information from the NOAA they have shown that a lot of the severe weather we are seeing (tornadoes, torrential rains, etc.) may be because there is arctic air that is covering most of the northern USA. That is hitting extreme heat from the south and causing severe weather almost everywhere we look.

Many may be asking “What does this have to do with investments?” Good question. The answer is much. Similar to the way the earth’s magnetic field can have a great impact on our weather the actions of our central banks can have a large impact on our investments.

It appears that the authorities, by their interventions are moving our asset prices at greater and greater speeds as the intensity and size of their interventions have been growing exponentially (as they have to so the illusion is continued). How else could there be the greatest exodus of money out of stock funds and etfs (even greater than in 2008!) and the markets continue to rise? How could there EVER be negative interest rates? That means anyone foolish enough to do it will lose money-guaranteed over time. Of course, unless you “printed” the money up from nowhere so that ANY amount is more than you started with which was ZERO.

Most people are bombarded day after day with propaganda about how great things are. These fantasies are provided by financial game shows parroting numbers that are massaged to be viewed in the most positive light. In addition, central banks have “printed” and bought assets with over $100 trillion in “money” in the last 10 years while the economy has had a miniscule “recovery” that appears to be running out of steam- and QUICKLY. As I have said I can’t remember the last positive economic report in the past few months other than the phony unemployment numbers that are quickly exposed as bogus when we look at the labor participation rate which is at all-time lows. (That means that a record number of working age people are not participating in the workforce and are NOT counted in the U3 (most commonly referred to) 3.6% unemployment rate. That number is over 95 million according to the

Of course, manufacturing, shipping, sales, etc. have been declining at a rapid pace. On the flip side store closings and bankruptcies are rising at record rates also. Funny how things look so rosy in money-printing land but are far different here in the real world with prices exploding higher even though we are told inflation is nowhere near high enough.

Similar to having a navigation system that lets you know your location and will therefore help you get to your desired destination it is important that our economic GPS works also. Like with any computer if you put bad information in bad calculations will come out. This is why with all of the false signals being relayed by the “printers and buyers” malinvestment is at a level that has never been seen before.

Many are operating with, at best, weak information provided by the “authorities”. At worst, they are being lied to on the highest level. While the mantra is “We have this” the “authorities are showing growing signs of agita.

In “the greatest economy of all time” many Fed governors- along with our President are calling for drastic rate cuts and possibly more QE. If this “greatest of all time” were true none of this would be needed.

If the central banks really believed that “all is well” I seriously doubt that entities that have literally trillions of dollars, yen, euros, yuan, rubles, etc. at their fingertips would be buying record amounts of gold for 2 years in a row now- 671 TONS in 2018 and they are far ahead of that pace for 2019.

Does it seem strange to anyone else that a 1 month T Bill has a higher yield than a 10-year Treasury note? This is ABSURD! The bond market (which those in charge try to make sure nobody pays attention to) is screaming that all is not only not well but there is likely something VERY wrong with our underlying economy. Which, by the way, all of the recent economic reports seem to confirm. Of course, all IS well because this just means that central banks will have to intervene even more according to the conventional thinking of today.

Keep in mind, all of this “printing” allows for an illusion of demand where far less exists, it allows for the appearance of solvency where none really exists without the “printing” and also allows for an illusion of normalcy where none exists.

This is a classic “something for nothing” scheme that, in my opinion, is very close to being exposed for the fraud that it is.

When that happens many will realize that real stuff is what matters. Food and its production. Energy and its production, clean sources of water and its availability. And likely just as important to most will be real money that can’t be “printed up” or keystroked into existence from nowhere with no intrinsic value of any kind.

Gold and silver have been accepted as money for over 5000 years and have held their value over time generation after generation.

Those that can read these tea leaves have been warning about this for years and many- because of the time it is taking to play out- have stopped paying attention. Once this debt-based ponzi seizes up again like it did in 2008 then people will likely pay attention QUICKLY. Keep in mind the problem was never fixed it was just papered over and made many times larger in the last 10 years with the same underlying fragilities still present and growing exponentially. Those that have prepared and planned will likely find it easier to navigate whatever this new paradigm will present to us.

In the meantime the central banks, countries and major banks are giving us a sign that having some gold and silver is likely a good idea. They are all buying the stuff in record amounts while the prices are being artificially suppressed (by them). Many others “in the know” are following suit.

Sometimes it pays to watch what they do and play follow the leader if you are able to.