I have written many times before that I believe the USA has become a banana republic.

My observations appear to be manifesting themselves right before my eyes.

Just a few years ago it appeared we were well on our way as it didn’t seem to matter who was right or wrong in legal issues- but who you knew. It didn’t matter if those in charge broke laws- like banks rigging virtually ALL markets to their advantage and paying billions in fines after earning trillions.

It was obvious then that there were two sets of rules. Now it is even more stark as it has been revealed that a coup was attempted and not one arrest has been made. Add that to the many  banks who have had felony charges filed and yet not one person has been imprisoned.

Compare that to the poor schmuck who gets caught dealing marijuana and spends years in confinement.

Fast forward to today and we have been, I believe, bamboozled into having our economy destroyed (quicker than it was already being destroyed anyway) by a virus that the CDC has come out and said is not even close to as deadly as anticipated. The expectation was that there would be over 3% mortality- which would have been horrific- but now it is anticipated that it will be 0.25%- with most deaths occurring in those over 75 which is no shocker.

With this information you would think that the overreach of those in charge would be stripped away but we are still for the most part shut down in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Illinois, California and mostly democratic-leaning states.

It is also amazing how the epicenter of this problem and where the most draconian measures were taken have now become the hotspots for rioting and looting and where there appears to be NO concern for anyone wearing masks or staying separated. This is encouraged. The police are also being held back to allow this to happen- particularly in New York City where it is hard to believe what I am seeing.

My daughter, who thankfully has been working from our home in Pennsylvania, got word that her company was invaded, ripped off, and had all four floors of their flagship US store demolished by looters.

This is just great news for those companies looking to reopen after the plandemic. This could set any rebound back by months. But hey- don’t worry! The Fed is conjuring up trillions of dollars, buying assets, providing nearly free loans for others (Banks, hedge funds and other central banks- not you or I) to buy assets too! The stock markets are up! Everything MUST be great!

My concern is that everyone is still somewhat fat and happy after the government stimulus checks. If the riots are this violent now what might they look like when the majority starts to starve and get really desperate?

The focus now appears to be on the lack of morality on the part of the rioters and looters. I believe this attention is warranted but it also appears to keep the focus off of the folks that are really looting us- the central banks.

We have seen this movie far too many times already. Get people, companies, cities, states and nations in so much debt that it can’t ever be repaid with the currency being what it was worth when the debt was issued.

Once the debt is defaulted on those who are owed the debt foreclose and own individual properties, commercial properties, companies, city, state, and national assets.

Don’t think so?

Ask Greece where the ECB demanded that national assets be sold to repay loans. Some of Greece’s national treasures were sold including islands and airports. Those that issued the debt (or close friends) got those assets and their EFFORT included hitting some numbers on a keyboard. That is something for nothing as far as they are concerned BUT those that lost the assets have a different view.

Just like when Treasury Secretary Mnuchin was at Indymac and had one part of the bank telling struggling homeowners to hang in there while another department was preparing foreclosure papers.

This is the character of those in charge.

Is it any different when the Fed conjures up “money” from nowhere and makes the dollar worth less and less over time so that the necessities of life take up more and more of our income? This is nothing more than theft of our labor and not one in a million can spot it- until it’s far too late.

Every trick in the book is being used right now to keep the illusion alive that all is well. A quick look around and it is obvious that all is anything but well.