Nothing is what it seems. It appears to me that if we take the propaganda that is being fist-fed to us 24/7, and believe the exact opposite of the narrative, we would likely be closer to the truth most of the time.

Let’s start with the narrative that Covid caused all of our economic problems. Too bad anyone looking knows that trillions (maybe tens of trillions if you count euros, yen, etc.) were deployed in September of 2019 to March of 2020 to prop up failing (again) banks. The REACTION to Covid is what made the situation FAR worse but there are few politicians willing to admit to it. As a matter of fact, many are doubling down on the exact policies that have failed miserably in the not too distant past.

After most people have lost interest in being fearful of a nasty flu, we now have the Russian-Ukraine War. Or is it actually a proxy war between the USA and Russia? I know many will think that this is an illusion but Le Figaro Senior International correspondent Georges Malbrunot just returned from 8 weeks in Ukraine where he was almost arrested by US TROOPS. When he asked who was in charge he was told by American troops- us. No boots on the ground? He also saw troops from the UK.

I have to wonder out loud if our president- I use that term VERY loosely is just protecting his and his cronies investments over there or are they maybe afraid that Russia may halt their bioweapon labs that supposedly don’t exist but we have national leaders on camera discussing them in front of congress.

The Fed, and other central banks, have been playing down inflation for years. Of course, they mis-report the actual numbers to make them look better than they are but the chasm between reported numbers and the misery being caused by the actual inflation is making it harder to hide the facts that they are killing our currency. It appears the only way to stop inflation is to implode the economy. Nice choice we are left with by those “in charge”.

First it was temporary, then transitory and now it appears systemic as we have a 41-year high in consumer prices increasing, 23 straight months of rising prices, and core PPI (Producer Prices) rose 9.2% year over year in the latest report. The problem is that the increases are accelerating at an alarming rate with no end in sight.

First, it was slower foot traffic in retail stores and now on-line shopping is falling also. Down 6.2% from January to February. That $4.00-$7.00 price for gas is acting as a confiscatory tax on everyone but mostly on those with low or fixed incomes. Keep in mind what IS being bought is costing substantially more so the actual drop-off is likely far higher.

It took far longer than anyone could have imagined but the money “printing” has caused the most massive inflation I have ever seen and my greatest fear at this time is that the trajectory appears to be massively higher unless interest rates are raised to a level that would likely level the economy- and I don’t mean balanced- I mean leveled.

To actually fight inflation interest rates would have to rise higher than inflation. In the government’s own numbers, interest rates would have to go to over 8% while in the real world they would have to rise to 16% +. Many are calling for rates like that. Personally, I believe the economy would collapse long before we got to 6%. What would doubling the rates do to bonds? If bonds collapse the stock market will follow and higher interest rates have always led to far lower valuations for real estate.

You could say rising rates are bad for gold too- unless you understand history and you would see that in 1980 when our interest rates were up to 18% gold went up from $35.00 in 1971 to around $800.00 in 1980. When people start to lose faith in the currency, they want something REAL.

Could defund the police just be a cover for introducing military intervention in the cities? I remember I wrote many years ago that then President Obama had purged the military of all generals that would not fire on American citizens. There are also laws on the books that allow the government (mainly the President) to take over all communications. Personally, I don’t trust whoever is calling the shots now. I have a strong feeling it is NOT the current body in the role of president.

Just this week, if you are an illegal immigrant you don’t have to worry about wearing a mask- which is scientifically proven to be defenseless against viruses anyway- but American citizens do. If you are a celebrity or a sports star in New York, you are exempt also, but the regular Joes and Janes have to toe the line. It is not that these people are immune- they are creating division.

By looking at what I have described above could you possibly question the possibility that they are destroying the dollar on purpose and that they just might be lying through their teeth to keep as many as clueless as possible until they pull it off?

Why did the BIS make it mandatory for all central banks to have a digital currency by 2025? Why are they doing cross-border trades to try it out as we speak? Check out BIS Innovation Hub.

My opinion, as I wrote 15 years ago, is that they want a one-world currency that will start with each country having their own and morph into a one-world currency as a basket of currencies or a new creation because of some unknown problem that they may be working on now also. I also believe that there will have to be a crisis that is so bad that we will be begging for a solution- that they come up with miraculously to save the day for those that survive the coming train wreck.

While this may sound like doom and gloom all I am doing is reiterating what I am reading and hearing from all sources. You have Jeffrey Gundlach (bond king) warning of financial catastrophe. The ECB is warning of a blow-out in bond yields- which would easily lead to a financial catastrophe.  The entire financial edifice that has been constructed has been constructed on ever-increasing DEBT. That collapses and it all goes. Particularly stocks, bonds and real estate.

You have our President and many other world leaders warning of famine. Of course, they say it is all Russia’s fault but it is actually OUR fault because we could easily be self-sufficient in our own needs but have relied on conjuring up cash out of nowhere and pretending we actually produced real goods where none actually exist.

Those who have exploited the system so far are the most likely to be exploited first as those “money from nowhere” checks that are supposed to sustain people for a month last a week or a few days. I could easily see our inner cities becoming a powder keg.

While the overall “markets” have been struggling year to date and are still historically FAR overvalued gold has been steadily rising despite the 4AM and 8AM and more recently he added 11:30 beatdowns that have taken place thanks to China, JP Morgan and other major banks and central banks as they give yet another illusion that gold, in particular, is risky. This, as they BUY in record amounts and it is one of two assets listed as “RISKLESS” on central bank balance sheets.

In addition, many companies that produce real goods are actually having decent to great years so far as inflation is a friend to companies that produce real goods.

How comfortable are you that the digital world will be able to take the place of real stuff?

I know I am not buying it.

Be Prepared!

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