Let me first say that I have empathy for those that have had the Coronavirus and that I am sure that many are suffering not only from the disease but from watching loved ones suffer and die or being holed up in their homes with no real idea of when the authorities will allow life to go on.

I followed this story closely for a couple of months and while I believe this disease is easily transmitted it doesn’t appear to be any more deadly than any of the other diseases (SARS as an example) that we have had in the past. Of course, watching the mainstream media hype the numbers all day long I am seeing people scared to death. When you crunch the numbers they are not that large. It is particularly concerning to me that there are doctors reporting great results with zinc and Hydroxchloroquine. My concern here is that Hydroxchloroquine is out of patent and zinc is a mineral- NO BIG profits for big pharma. This is why I believe this information is being withheld from the general public on purpose.

It also appears that the only option they would like us to have is a vaccine- which seems to be the answer for everything these days.

Every move in the “markets” are either blamed on or credited to news on the Coronavirus. This is so nonsensical that only someone who is totally clueless could believe it.

The economy is shut down- not just here but globally with NO idea when the economy will resume and how much permanent damage has already been done. If the central banks and their buddies at the banks were not propping up ALL paper markets the “markets” would likely have gone no-bid weeks ago.

No bid means nobody wants to buy at anywhere near the quoted price.

On Monday we had one of the biggest days ever in the US stock markets. It was credited to the lower numbers of CV 19 cases. No mention was made about the $1 trillion infusion into the “markets” by Japan on Sunday night- or the $12 trillion in global stimulus the week before. This led to the greatest short squeeze I have ever seen. This is another reason why I have been saying for years that no matter how bad the economy gets you just cannot be shorting this market. When you have central banks conjuring up unlimited amounts of “money” and spending it as fast as it isn’t printed, any position could be wiped out with a keystroke and the buying of the shorted asset- propelling the price higher and crushing those with short positions.

A few headlines on Zerohedge that show why the “markets” are nothing but a playground for central banks. There is NO price discovery allowed!

“Most UK Property Mutual Funds Suddenly “gated” As Lockdown Slams Retail Landlords and Their Investors” (Gated means you can’t sell your position at any price at this time).

“Millions of Workers Fired Over Zoom As Remote Layoffs Become Part of America’s “New Normal”

“US Consumer Comfort Crashes By Most Ever” (Not having a job will do that!)

“A Shocking 17 Million Americans have filed For Unemployment In The Past 3 Weeks” (6.6 million in the 4-9-2020 report alone).

“McDonalds Withdraws Outlook, March Sales Plummet after “unprecedented” Disruption In Business”

“Global Economies Suffer “Largest Drop On Record”: OECD

“WTO Forecasts Collapse In World Trade, Recovery For 2021” (What insight! World Trade was collapsing for 18 months PRIOR to any virus news)

“More People Died Of Suicide Last Week In Tennessee Than COVID-19” (Isolation and despondency certainly do have a price).

It appears that the propaganda is working for anyone (most people) not paying attention.

I have seen many articles asking “Is The Cure Worse Than The Disease?”. I believe that is a legitimate question when the economy is shut down on purpose while many were barely making it in the “greatest economy of all time!” already. Another STAGGERING headline- “Americans Not Making Their Mortgage Payments Soar By 1064% IN One Month” Folks- we are only one month into this shutdown. This one headline shows how fragile the well-being of many families actually is. A couple of missed paychecks and they can’t pay for where they live. This is sick!

I have noted for the last 18 months how the economy was collapsing LONG before anyone heard of this virus. This has given those in charge the ability to “print” money at will. It has allowed them to shift the blame of too much debt and lack of production and income to pay for it to a virus. It has allowed central banks to buy virtually all assets and become the owners of the entire economy with nothing more than computer blips. I will leave the debate on whether this disease was deliberately rolled out or was a tragic accident to others.

Remember, The Federal Reserve is a private company run by 6 major banks. They are no more Federal than Federal Express. They are “printing” money to buy stocks, corporate bonds, ETFs, etc.

It appears that the US Treasury and the Fed are working together to buy up virtually all assets out there.

It appears that we are witnessing a government takeover of our private corporations – or Fascism.

It is also concerning that it appears small businesses are being wiped out on purpose by this quarantine action. It was reported last week that only a few weeks into this event 3% of all US restaurants will never reopen. There have been many more bankruptcy reports since.

As the economy has ground to a halt, the crushing debts that were, in many cases, being paid for with money conjured up from nowhere, even prior to this, have become far more onerous as individuals, companies, cities, states and nations have lost a bulk of their incomes.

I guess we shouldn’t worry though- the Fed has our backs right?

I’ll bet a few more hundred trillion in debt to pretend we can pay the hundreds of trillions in debt that we already have will fix the problem of too much debt right?

We are well on the way to financial Armageddon and it is likely that the “printing” is just warming up. History has been VERY harsh on every people that have gone down this path. It has ended in financial disaster 100% of the time.

Be Prepared!

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