Earlier this week I wrote an article that highlights just how manipulated the metals markets actually are. Of course, you could make this point about ALL “markets” its just that most other markets are being artificially held up rather than being held down.

I have many people who are frustrated because they can see what is happening and they can’t figure out when the games will end and we will actually get true price discovery- which will come as a total shock to most because all of the economic damage is being hidden in plain sight.

The edicts that allow renters to not pay rent but still live in an apartment mask the fact that the renter may not have income but we know for sure that the landlord has lost his (or hers) and is not likely to be able to make it up. The mortgage forbearance schemes mask the fact that millions are falling behind on mortgage payments. Believe it or not these programs are adding to the short-term increase in prices because it is adding to a lack of inventory. Why would anyone living somewhere free leave unless they are forced to at some time.

I saw an interview with Bill Holter where he said that mall properties are being appraised at 60% less than they were a year ago. Also, how many offices are sitting idle as work from home becomes far more mainstream than we may have imagined just a year ago.

Meanwhile, retail sales have cratered, there are serious supply chain problems everywhere that may lead to far higher costs for everything from coffee to cars.

A piece of good news for February was that the percentage of US citizens income was down from getting 26.7% from the government to “only” 21%. Of course, the bad news is that American’s incomes FELL 7.1% in February- but don’t worry- in March the stimmie checks go out so many people’s incomes will be going up! Hey- maybe we can get the government to kick in 30% of our “incomes” for March! We’ll see!

Of course, the government is the most indebted nation in the history of the world and has no money so the central banks are conjuring this “cash” up at a pace that is unimaginable. I go back to Dr. Mark Skidmore and his assertion that over $140 TRILLION is “missing” from the federal budget since 1998. I don’t know of anyone who can wrap their head around that one.

Getting back to my Monday article, I mentioned that there was:

Asset                           Dollars/ Silver Monday                      Dollars/Silver Friday             Difference

Silver                            $  4,942.00                                          $  5,124.00                              $182.00

Gold                             $35,377.00                                          $36,595.00                             $1218.00

Source: Federal Reserve

This means that in the last 4 days there has been a MASSIVE increase in the amount of US dollars. A full 36% of all dollars created have been created in the last 12 months. Enjoy the $1400.00 payout that will cost us over $20,000.00 for each taxpayer over time.

I also mentioned that the Fed projects that there will be $13,346.00 for each ounce of silver in 2025.

In addition, the projection for gold on MONDAY was over $88,000.00 per ounce in 2025. On Friday it is $95,320.00. As I also mentioned this growth is EXPONENTIAL and that number will likely grow drastically before 2025.

To those who are getting impatient all I can do is repeat that every fraud has its own demise built in. My guess is that the demise will not come from a lack of “money printing” but either from a defaulting bond market or the loss of faith in the currency (and currencies) being “printed” into oblivion right before our eyes.

Remember, it is always darkest before the dawn- don’t give up hope!

Be Prepared!

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