Illusion. A thing that is or is likely to be wrongly perceived or interpreted by the senses.

I believe that everything being portrayed by the mainstream media and their masters is nothing but an illusion of gargantuan proportions. I am basically talking about EVERYTHING. This is one of the main reasons that I pay no attention to the mainstream media AT ALL.

They have the world on edge for a virus that is so evil and rampant that drug companies want to PAY people to be infected so they can “treat” them. If this disease is so prevalent why not just go out and find some willing subjects and “treat” them rather than infecting healthy people? Personally, I believe anyone who agrees to something like this is lacking in common sense.

Any medical professionals who try to publicize treatments and regimens that have been proven effective are systematically shot down if their treatments don’t include vaccines. Many doctors have said that you don’t vaccinate for a disease that can be treated. My guess is that they want the masses believing that there is no effective treatment so they will be fearful enough to take a vaccine that is totally unproven and may have long-lasting side effects. Or worse.

I would strongly suggest you watch an interview on the Bob Unger Show interviewing Dr. Lee Merritt. It can be found on YouTube.

It appears all of the fabricated economic numbers are also illusory. The mainstream media’s constant banter about 6.3% unemployment is a joke. Of course, the joke is on us so we can’t laugh too hard. The actual unemployment rate is actually higher than the great depression numbers and may be as high as 39%. The illusion that all is ok is promulgated by government handouts, mortgage forbearance schemes and the inability of landlords to evict those that are not paying rent.

Long before anyone heard of Covid 19 there was an epidemic of homelessness that was tragic and getting FAR worse day by day. Crime and violence are rising because people are finding it harder and harder to survive. But don’t worry- the Fed says there in no inflation. Don’t believe your own eyes and your empty wallet- there is no inflation. The fact that gas, oil and electricity prices, along with corn and other agricultural products are soaring is of no consequence. Actually, they are right about that in their ivory towers where food and energy (the two things we ALL need) are not included in their numbers. They may actually believe the trash they put out!

There is an illusion, because of intervention by central banks and major banks, that gold is risky. To many, this is a fact. To the central banks, whom have purchased 2200 tons of gold in the last 3 years, gold is on their balance sheets as a “riskless asset”.

There is an illusion that Wall Street is not corrupt. They are. It was on full display recently when certain large players started taking massive losses and the rules of the game were changed so that the large players could recoup their positions while smaller players were locked out of the markets.

There is an illusion that the central banks will always keep the “markets” propped up forever. I heard that one in 2007 too. Many have the illusion that the Fed and other central banks are infallible. What they are is actually just people who have been granted he enormous privilege of “printing” money out of nowhere, buying assets, and charging YOU and I interest for the “money” they conjured up from nowhere and bought assets with. Basically, in my opinion, they are legally stealing our national wealth and there is No One who is in a position to do a thing about it.

There is an illusion (as there also were in 1995-1999 and 2003-2008) that things this time are different.

In 1999 it was “profits and earnings don’t matter- it’s clicks on the website”. How did that work out?

In 2007 it was “the subprime market problem is contained and the Fed has your back”. How did that go?

Today we are back to “profits and earnings don’t matter AND the Fed has our backs. This illusion is easy to understand since, for 10 years, the fed’s efforts have been successful at stopping a collapse in asset values.

It was obvious in 2008 that the production of society was unable to even service (pay the interest) on the debt existing at the time. Since then, hundreds of trillions of fiat currency units have been conjured up out of nowhere to pretend we could service our debts. Most of this “money has been used to purchase assets to artificially inflate stocks and real estate and keep bond prices high and rates suppressed so over-indebted nations, states, cities, companies and individuals could keep on borrowing and spending. Without all of this the credit cards would have been maxed out LONG ago. The result- we are in more than DOUBLE the debt now than when the initial problem revealed itself. Another sobering fact is that, unlike the Chinese who have made similar moves, most of our “money” has been consumed with no productive assets to show for it. At least China has built infrastructure and manufactured real assets that may help ultimately pay down the massive debts.

I again ask “What is the value of an asset priced in a currency that cannot maintain its value if the massive debts wracked up against it are to be paid?

I was listening to an interview with Ted Butler on Stansberry research and a great question was asked- one that I have been asked many times. “Why, if the banks are keeping the silver price suppressed, would you buy it?” His answer was, in my words, that the suppression is WHY you buy. I always say that every fraud has its own demise built in. He was more diplomatic but he basically said that every artificial manipulation of the “markets” come to an end.

I don’t know WHEN that might be- only that there is a history of it happening 100% of the time.

This has gone on way longer than I imagined possible but the timeline appears to be nearing. It appears to me that we are in the exponential (some would say crack up boom) phase where the charts look like hockey sticks going straight up. Tesla, Bitcoin, Debt, Fed balance sheet, etc.

It is a matter of time.

Approximately $213 Billion of gold is mined yearly but Wall Street and their cronies suppress the price by trading over $70 trillion per year. Silver, which appears to be in SHORT supply is trading at a little over $27.00 while it was $50.00 in 2011 and $50.00 in 1980. It is used in almost all green energy applications and according to the there are $4,830.00 for every ounce of silver in the world.

The way they keep the price suppressed is well known by now. They conjure up paper contracts (like central banks conjure up money -out of nowhere and with no backing) and sell those paper contracts into the market with a market order at a time when there are few buyers. The question is WHY it is still working. My guess is that there is an illusion of having an abundance of silver. I believe that once it is exposed that there is a shortage you may see a LARGE spike in price- similar to what has happened to palladium. Once there was trouble sourcing physical palladium the price went up over 4 times from $600.00 to over $2400.00 per ounce.

There are some signs that silver is indeed in short supply. Just recently, two major silver ETFs changed their prospectus to include language that warns against possible adverse consequences to the fund if the physical silver cannot be sourced.

The only precious metal NOT traded on a paper exchange is rhodium. Physical delivery only. The price doesn’t change minute to minute but a few times a week. As I write this rhodium- far from the most precious of the metals- is trading at $22,000.00 PER OUNCE.

I believe that the unwinding of this, the largest and most grotesque bubble of all time, will surprise many with the speed of its demise in assets that have been artificially propped up and the ascent of assets that have been artificially suppressed.

In addition, I also believe that many stocks of companies that produce real stuff are grossly undervalued. In researching many companies I see that most companies are drowning in debt. Many have debts that are near their total assets. Again- can we trust the value of those assets to hold up? If not, can we expect that debt to be repaid?

These are great questions that NOBODY is asking.

I have, however, found a few companies- mining companies- that could pay off their entire debt load with their annual net income based upon their latest filings. These MAY be great opportunities that VERY FEW people are paying attention to.

Be Prepared!

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