Many people are aware that on the first day of our new president’s reign he shut down the Keystone pipeline and has made many more questionable moves since then. While the president is a large part of the problem this is a condition that has been fomenting for quite some time.

We, in this country, have all we need to be self-sustaining but rules, regulations and interference in our daily lives has made it so that many are not producing anywhere near what we could be producing.

I am not only talking about oil and gas but also food and all other things we need to survive.

Since there appears to be an all out attack on fossil fuels- globally- not just here- many producers are cancelling new projects and pulling back on expansion. It is one thing to hear about this but it is STUNNING when you see the numbers.

I am not sure about the global numbers but here in the USA the $5.00 PLUS average for a gallon of the cheapest gas is being caused mainly by a lack of production. Consider this:

  • Crude Oil Rigs operating as of last week were 574. For comparison purposes in January of 2019 the rig count was 885. In 2014, when oil was over $100.00 per barrel, we had 1,609 Rigs operating.
  • Natural gas rig count as of last week was 151. In January of 2019 it was 200. In 2008 there were 1,606 rigs operating.
  • While production  numbers are only somewhat lower this lack of diversity in sites could cause some major problems

How long before some of these sites start to dry up? Where will we get our energy from if the producers continue to get pummeled by regulations and banks, as they have threatened, stop funding the industry.

There are plenty of resources available. It would be nice if “those in charge” would get out of the way and allow the economy to function for the benefit of everyone- not just themselves.

Remember this- no energy= no food, no lights, and certainly no quality of life as we have come to know it.

Be Prepared!

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