I have had many people telling me that they are afraid that the government is going to steal their money.

They cite government websites that lay out plans segregate the country by assets and means to the World Economic Forum’s Klaus Schwab proclaiming, “You will own nothing and be happy”. It is also a bit telling when tapes of an FDIC meeting gets leaked that discusses a “Market crash and bank runs” and how to prepare without having the public be aware of it.

Digging a little deeper, I have been reading meeting minutes and white papers put out by the FDIC since around 2011- since I learned about the supposedly “secret” bank bailouts of $19 Trillion in 2008-2009.

In the white papers they tell us that when we deposit our “money” in the bank- it is no longer our money. It becomes an asset of the bank. The bank has a new asset and also a liability to you. In the same paper from 12-10-2012 issued by the Bank of England and the FDIC they make it clear that you are an UNSECURED creditor of the bank. This generally means that you are among the last to get paid in a bankruptcy or default. This is why they created the bail-in so no government funds are needed in the next crisis but they will just take what you assume is YOUR money and reduce their liabilities to make themselves solvent again. They also state that they will not just take your “money” but will basically do a debt-for equity swap where you will own shares of the bank instead of holding an IOU from the bank.

It goes into much more detail, but you get the picture. As I write this bail-ins have taken place in 11 countries already including Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cypress and others. It is likely most are unaware of this because if more people were aware they would likely GREATLY reduce their exposure to the banks and could make the bail-in a moot point. They can’t have that so the mainstream media must remain SILENT.

According to meeting minutes dating back to 2014 they have been practicing bail-ins since at least then.

All of this information can easily make most of us uncomfortable. This is especially true when we hear about confiscation of private property and monthly basic income payments which makes most people nothing more than slaves to the system. I believe it would be helpful to see just how this will likely play out. This should make at least some people feel better about the future.

First of all, this is NOT anything new. Back in the 1700s Thomas Jefferson wrote that if we allowed a central bank to issue our “money” our ancestors would be renting back the land we conquered. He also said that “they will do it first with inflation and then deflation”. This is the most important part of what he wrote because that lays it out.

The central banks issue “money” that they create out of nowhere and not only buy assets that they own- they even own the “money” from nowhere and CHARGE US INTEREST on basically nothing. The plan from the beginning was to be the buyer and lender of last resort so that they can own it all.

They can rig prices up or down based upon what they want to do at the time.

It appears to me that the inflation part has been played. Most people who work for a living have seen the cost of living soaring so high that many are going deeply into debt to keep up. Many are even emptying their 401ks and IRAs to pay current expenses. There are no signs that inflation is going to slow down anytime soon.

Getting back to the confiscation of assets- Do you think that the government is going to be going around and kicking people out of their homes and taking other assets? Personally, I don’t see that BUT here is what I do see.

Part 2- Deflation. The great inflation of the past 10-12 years has been in asset prices. While prices continue to rise for food, energy, water, etc. Asset prices are falling. Higher interest rates, no velocity of money and tighter lending standards are leading to lower prices for assets. We will soon find out what it looks like when asset prices fall hard BUT the debt remains.

I believe that the ultimate plan is to get as many people into as much debt as possible and seize the assets for either nothing or pennies on the dollar when WE THE PEOPLE default on our debts.

Is it then a surprise that the central bank’s plan is to destroy jobs and the economy to kill inflation? This is especially evil since they continue “printing money” at an unprecedented pace which is the root cause of inflation. I have heard many call the Fed an “inflation creation machine”.

In addition, inflation could be tamed if the banks had to keep any reserves. It would almost immediately decrease the money supply and inflation would likely fall right away. Of course, this could also lead to a disorderly (Greenspan’s words) collapse in asset prices which it appears they are not ready for yet.

To those who are worried about confiscation- GET OUT OF DEBT!

I have read numerous stories where even people earning $200,000.00 per year are living paycheck to paycheck. As people strive to look wealthy they are actually speeding up their timeline to default.

It is my opinion that if confiscation takes place it will be to those who are defaulting on debt. The mc mansions and shiny new cars bought with cheap debt and rising asset prices will be the first things to go when those laid off max out credit cards and deplete savings.

Who would you rather be?

Jimmy                                                                              Joe

2 Million dollars                   Assets                   10 Million dollars

     $25,000.00                       Debts                      9 Million dollars

      $ 4,500.00              Monthly Expenses        $17,500.00

1.975 Million                      Net Worth               1 Million dollars

If asset prices collapse but the debt remains who is more likely to survive and who is likely to go under?

If you are counting on others to pay (rent, etc.) how confident can you be that they will?

If your bank is closed for a few weeks, do you have a plan for that?

If supply chains are disrupted do you have extra food, water, medicines, etc.?

We are truly living in an unprecedented time where almost NO scenario can be ignored. Many things that we previously thought could never happen here have already happened.

This is no joke- Be Prepared!

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