A few weeks ago my wife came to me all upset because supposedly the Social Security Administration called and said that her social security number was compromised and that she should call right away.

Of course, since I am in an attorney’s office where they deal with the Social Security Administration every day I was able to know that this was likely a scam.

Just in the last two days I got a couple of calls myself supposedly from SSA with a number in California.

They tried to get me to call by using the compromised social security number schtick first and after I didn’t respond they tried the “We are going to start legal action against you if you don’t call us back” schtick.

I decided to call them back and heard a person who was obviously not from this country say “Social Security Administration”. I let them know in pretty crude terms that they were full of it and to not bother me again.

The reason that this upsets me so much is that I could see many people getting their information stolen because of scams like this.

My advice is to IGNORE ANY CALLS like this. I have been informed that the SSA will NEVER call and ask for your Social Security number over the phone. As a matter of fact I have been advised that the SSA has the attorneys contacting their clients instead because of the amount of scams that they are aware of.

If you feel like getting more involved you can call your local Social Security Office and let them know about your concerns.

Hopefully, if you get a call like this you can disregard it and not be upset by it knowing that it is not real.

There is a similar scam where they pretend to be from the IRS. The IRS will not call. They will send certified letters if there is truly a problem. Be vigilant and don’t fall for these or other scams. NEVER divulge your personal information to anyone- trust me the IRS, the Social Security Administration and most anyone else who should know your information already have it.