1. Weekly Article 04/24/2019

    Many times I have told people that this “printing money” and buying assets is theft- from all of us. Since such massive numbers are involved many cannot discern the magnitude of what is taking place. I hope that this note helps everyone recognize the scope and scale of what is happening. This sh…Read More

  2. Weekly Article 04/18/2019

    It’s all fake. Fake prices for stocks, bonds, real estate, gold, silver, oil- you name it. Whether it be central banks and sovereign wealth funds conjuring money up out of nowhere and buying assets or governments  battling between rising and falling oil prices based upon what is good for their pa…Read More

  3. Weekly Article 04/11/2019

    This week my second son Joey turns 30 and my granddaughter Addie turns 3- just a day apart. The reason I bring this up is that we took a few days and visited Disney World in Florida. As I walked into Disney’s Main Street I was reminded of a simpler and happier time here in America that many today …Read More

  4. Weekly Article 04/04/2019

    The coming credit meltdown will be as bad as the great depression and the financial crisis: Deutsche Bank (Personally I think that they are underestimating the size of our problems and what we face will dwarf those two events) It is not only Deutsche Bank but many other banks warning about a credit …Read More

  5. Weekly Article 03/26/2019

    Many who read this on a weekly basis know that I have been positive on gold since about 2003. While that bullishness has served me well since the year 2003 there have been some major bumps along the way- particularly in the past few years. The amazing thing to me is that the price suppression that I…Read More

  6. Weekly Article 03/19/2019

    I think that far too often we are all bombarded with numbers that are so large we really can’t conceive of how big they really are. Try to picture in your mind a trillion dollars. I consider myself to be excellent with numbers and I cannot even picture that number in my brain. While a million soun…Read More

  7. ADV Capitalism?

    Weekly Article 03-13-2019 Capitalism will likely be blamed for our failed economy even though we have not had true capitalism for many decades. With true capitalism there would be the law of the jungle where the strong survive and the economy would get continually built up with new competition. This…Read More

  8. ADV Food For Thought

    Weekly Article 03-08-2019 As I am writing this on Friday morning the stock markets are continuing to be weak. Many are blaming it on the jobs “report” which in reality can be almost any number the authorities would like it to be with the birth/death rate model they have been using for as long as…Read More

  9. ADV Beware BBB?

    Weekly Article 03-06-2019 I have been saying for a while now that, since we saw what we saw in December in the stock markets around the world, it appears that my theory that once you start “printing” and buying assets the longer it goes on, the harder it is to stop, is confirmed. As a matter of …Read More

  10. ADV Gold more important than beating ISIS?

    Update 03-01-2019 I remember a few years ago as gold was going through an unusually weak period in terms of price, it was disclosed that our government had taken for “safe-keeping”, 40 tons of gold that was previously in Ukraine. Of course, this was necessary just in case the Russians were to co…Read More