1. Update 06/13/2019

    While it has been a chore trying to find anything to write about other than the absurdity of the interventions of central banks today has provided some material which may be important going forward. For starters, it appears to me that we are near a major inflection point. In watching a video with Ch…Read More

  2. Public Service Announcement …

    A few weeks ago my wife came to me all upset because supposedly the Social Security Administration called and said that her social security number was compromised and that she should call right away. Of course, since I am in an attorney’s office where they deal with the Social Security Administr…Read More

  3. ADV I doubt it Harry

    I listened to a podcast with Harry Dent the other day and he made some great points about demographics and the fragility of the stock and bond markets. I have watched Harry’s work for some time now and find myself agreeing with him on many points. I certainly would trust anything he says about dem…Read More